Oct 23, 2017

Free Fall Fantasy Reads

The last week has been a crusher at work, yet I found myself engrossed in a couple of really good books. I used to them to unwind in my off time and it helped keep me productive.

With that in mind, I give you a new list of fifty (50) free fantasy reads.  [Well 49 since I assume most everyone reading my blog posts has downloaded The Last Grand Master by now.]

There is nothing to buy and all you need to do to get your book(s) is sign up for the authors’s newsletter. I promise I don’t share your email with every author on the list or with Bookfunnel. You will only get newsletters from the authors you select. So click the the image above or the link below, kick the tires and read the blurbs. I’m sure you can find one or two dozen that interest you.

Fall Fantasy Book Funnel Giveaway 

Enjoy the Journey!



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