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Sep 09, 2017

My “Help Me Give Away 10,000 eCopies Of The Last Grand Master” Contest.

I want to give away as many eCopies of The Last Grand Master as I can (at least 10,000). I could bore you with why 10K is important and what could/should/will happen if I hit that number, but what really matters is I need your help. So rather than beg empty handed, I’m holding a contest and giving everyone who helps a small thank you gift.

Click HERE to enter the contest.

(The details are on the sign up page.)

Or keep reading for more details.

Prizes: 1 (One) $50.00 Amazon gift card and 2 (Two) $25.00 DSP Publications gift cards.

Small Gift to everyone: A coupon good for 35% off your entire purchase from the DSP Publications Store.

Contest ends September 30, 2017.

How The Contest Works:

The Short and Simple Version:

You share my sign up page using a unique link I’ll give you. For everyone who signs up using your link, you get three entries into the contest. The more people who sign up using your link, the greater your odds of winning.

The Detailed Version:

  • Sign up for my monthly updates and get one (1) entry. Already signed up? Thank you, but fill in the form anyway. You won’t be signed up again, but you will get an entry in the contest (This way those who already get my updates get credit for having signing up in the past.) Here is the sign up link:

Sign Up Here To Spread The Word

  • Once you confirm your email (check your spam folder if you don’t get a confirmation email) you’ll get four things: 1)  A free eCopy of The Last Grand Master if you don’t already have one, 2) your 35% off coupon, 3) One (1) entry to the contest, 4) a unique link to share with your friends and on social media.  (Be sure to use your link so you get credit for everyone who signs up because they heard about my offer from you.);
  • Earn entries for each social media platform you use to share your link – (and you can share with a click of a button from the Thank You page);
  • Since you get three entries every time someone you referred signs up, share it a lot. To entice your friends to sign up and earn you entries, tell them they can also earn extra entries by sharing a unique link of their own once they join;
  • UpViral (the service hosting the contest) keeps track of all entries, who get credit for each new sign up, and picks the winners when the contest is over.

The really, really detailed details (for those who want it.)

  • Everyone has to confirm their email to prevent cheating. Sorry to that one person who planned to pump up their entries by signing up everyone in their address books;
  • To that one person mentioned above – you can’t share the link with your 17 different email accounts and try to sign up with each to get extra entries. UpViral is really good at detecting fraud and they’ll tell me so I can remove that person and all their entries.
  • Since I have some competitive friends who’ll want to know how many people they enticed to sign up, everyone can track how many entires you have on the UpViral account. (If you can’t find the tracker, email me and I’ll help you find it.)
  • The DSP Publications Coupon is good all month. You can use it every day or more if you like. It’s good on your entire purchase. So indulge.
  • And just to see if anyone reads these ‘fine print’ stuff, leave a comment with a color and a favorite animal. If I get enough comments or they are funny enough, I might hold a mini giveaway just to commenters.

What if I hit my 10K sign ups?

I’ll be singing this:


And then I’ll have some cake.  My 5 year old told me you have to have cake at a party.

So take a moment, join the event and help me get to 10K.  I might even stream the party 😉

One Last Annoying Sign Up Button:

Thank you again for being a loyal fan.

Enjoy The Journey!



  1. Anne says:

    Green, and cats. It was the anticipation of hearing you sing that was the final decider 😉

    • Andrew says:

      I’m told I don’t sing too badly, but I’m not convinced they aren’t lying just to get me to make a fool of myself lol

  2. Helena Stone says:

    Blue, dog and good luck! It’s an amazing and (for me) unique idea.

  3. Josie says:

    Purple and red pandas; they are so adorable. Good luck on your 10k adventure!

  4. Alaina says:

    Purple hippo! Good luck!

  5. LJ says:



    Good luck!

  6. Jen F says:

    Purple penguins (have to do the alliteration thing).

    Hope you make your goal!

  7. Jen F says:

    Hi Andrew – I tried to sign up for this Sunday morning but never got the confirmation email. Thought I would mention it in case something is not working correctly.

  8. Jaime says:

    Blue Cats! Good luck!

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