05/09/2015 In Real Life and Whatnot
May 09, 2015

A Few Pictures from the Month of May

Since it will be Mother’s Day tomorrow, I thought I’d share a few pictures today, before I post Mother’s days pics.

First, this week was the spring ‘concert’ at ‘lil q’s school. I have videos but they’re on the video cam, and I’ve not had time to take them off and upload them.  But here is a picture of the little American Idol wanna be on her way into school:



As some know, and others may not, yesterday was my birthday. I got numerous well wishes and I thank you all. Here’s how my day started, I got to take her to school, something I don’t get to do much so it was a treat for me:



Then I did pretty much nothing the rest of the day—I read, wrote a bit, relaxed, a pretty much perfect day. And then Mike and my parents took me out to dinner. ‘lil q heard the band outside and she wanted to go back outside to listen. (I’m a bit worried she’s going to be dragging me to boy bands soon.) So after we ordered we went outside to listen and to ‘dance.’  Dancing meant that most of the time she danced and I watched, but I did dance with her a bit (and looked like a fool doing it I’m sure.)


And then, because once is never enough, she had us go back outside after dinner for another round of dancing.

Last because what would a picture post be without puppy pictures. some gratuitous moments of cute:



  1. stella says:

    Sorry I’m late, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
    BTW you’re daughter is really cute! 😀

  2. Mark Lewis says:

    Lil’q is becoming a stunningly beautiful little lady, so proud here, your family is wonderful and a lesson to all.
    Pups look like they are really developing now 🙂

    • Andrew says:

      Thanks Mark. She is something. I only show the good stuff but yes she’s a doll. And the pups are very cute and growing nicely.

      • Mark Lewis says:

        LOL remember the rhyme Andy:
        There was a little girl, who had a little curl
        right in the middle of her forehead
        when she was good she was very, very good
        and when she was bad she was horrid

        Sounds like lil’q is running rings round the pair of you, the perfect little madam

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