Nov 02, 2014

Dear Me, Is It November Already?

(The title sounds better than, “Another Update”, or “Odds and Ends”, don’t you think?)

Time seems to fly buy lately. Maybe it’s because I can’t stop ‘lil q from growing up and getting bigger every day. Or maybe it’s because I’ve been so busy and I have so many deadlines to ‘meet.’ But wow. It’s November.  With Halloween in the rear view mirror  (pictures to follow soon) and the leaves turning (maybe pictures of that, too) it’s time to look ahead – less than 55 shopping/decorating/baking/whatever days til Christmas (sorry, had to toss that in).

A couple interesting things happened writing wise (other than going to my first GRL).  Yesterday I found out that The Last Grand Master made the October Recommended Reads list on Prism Book Alliance. I even get this snazzy badge I can permanent place on the book page:


The recommendation is timely in that a) book two – The Eye and the Arm – is in the editing phase; b) book three – Kings of Lore and Legend – is being turned from a draft into a manuscript as you read this and c) I have a prequel that Dreamspinner is planning to release soon – and maybe a second prequel if I can get it written in time.  If you haven’t read it yet, now might be a good time to give it a go.

Also, go have a look at the post because if you leave a comment you could win one of the recommended books on the list. Yep, just leave a comment to win.

Thank you Brandilyn and the rest of the Prism Book Alliance Crew for the vote of confidence.

The other thing is I was notified today that A Closed Door made the Bestseller List on ARe. I got a nifty little badge for that too (thought not as cool as the PBA one):


And with that, I’ll settle down and go write. Enjoy the weekend.






  1. skylar1776 says:

    Andy, Congratulations on the Prism recommendation list and having “A Closed Door” make it on the best sellers list on ARe. I’m in the middle of ‘A Closed Door’ now and I love the main character Orin. You do have a lot of projects you’re juggling. I’m wondering if for the holidays you should slow down a bit to get that baking done! Can’t wait to see lil ‘q Halloween costume. Did you and Mike dress up too? Take care.

  2. The problem with baking is that you can only do somethings but so far in advance of the holiday. ‘lil q and decorated cookies last year so we’ll give it a whirl again this time too. 🙂

    As for Halloween, no dress up, I went as Papa. The neighbor and I took their three and my one. Keeping track of all four proved enough of a job, 🙂

  3. marlew92 says:

    Great news about the book Qtee, I’ve just recieved my second batch of books from Lily, yours next. I think I have some reading to do. But after study that comes first. Stuby is loving his new job, which gives me more study time.
    Love to Mike and ‘lil q and you of course. xx

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