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Sep 14, 2014

Updates, Odds and Ends and What’s Ahead

It’s been a while since I’ve done an update post, so here’s a new one.

Ashes of Life Cover Final 3.4Ashes of Life:  My free read as part of the Don’t Read in the Closet event is out. So far the reviews have been good, so I’m pleased. If you haven’t had a chance to read it, it is free and available for download in PDF, ePub, and Mobi.  You can get your copy here:


Or you can also download a PDF version of the story from my website.  Just click the Free Downloads tab above to find it.

I’m planning to use Createspace to turn it into a paperback. I hope to have it ready in a couple weeks.

Gay Rom Lit (GRL): Most of you know, but for those who don’t, I’ll be attending the Gay Rom Lit retreated as a Supporting Author.  I’ve been busy trying to get a few things ready, swag, some stories to hand out, a cover of something that will be out soon and the like.  What I’ve decided on is:

  • An •A•Q•G• drawstring bag. It will have my Avatar on it and as well as my website.
  • I’ve created some GRL M&Ms and I’ll have some of those at my author signing table as well.
  • I’ve also finished two “prequels” that I’m planning to have turned into mini books to be signed. One is for Purpose and the other for The Last Grand Master. Both will be free and will be available at my author table during the Supporting Author Book signing.  Each book will have a discount code people can use to buy the book if they don’t already own it. After GRL I’ll decide how to make them available.

One thing for those who are going, the retreat is not allowing authors to sell their books directly to readers. There is a central sales vendor and I’m not planning to bring any books for ‘consignment.’  Since all of my books that are available in paperback are all from Dreamspinner Press, anyone attending the retreat who wants to get their book signed should pre-order from Dreamspinner, get the discount up front and have Dreamspinner ship it to Chicago for you. I’ll sign it there and you can take it home. Easy Squeasy Lemon Peasy.  Here’s the link to pre-order:


Love Loss Laughter & Lust

Love Loss Laughter & Lust

New Release: (Sorta) My short story,  A Closed Door,  part of the Love, Loss, Laughter and Loss Anthology, will be released just prior to GRL on October 10, 2014.  It will have a new coverI’ve seen the preliminary draft and I’ll share it once it’s finalize. I’m doing a release day book blast with Pride Promotions so look for that on October 10th. I’m planning to have some post cards made with the cover that I’ll have with me at GRL.

Free Friday Fiction: For those who missed it, I am now doing Free Friday Fiction instead of Wednesday Briefs. The format for Wednesday Briefs was too restrictingmust use the prompts, no more than 1000 words.  Free Friday Fiction will allow me to write and post free fiction without the prompts and without an artificial word limit.  Any authors who are interested in joining, contact me or email the group at freefridayfiction@gmail.com.

The first story I posted was  The Price of Love. This is a fantasy short story about one man’s sacrifice to save his world and the cost on the man who loved him. This is also available for download in PDF on the site under the Free Downloads’ tab above.

What’s next:

I’m working on a few things right now.

Harp Strings: The first draft of Harp Strings is almost done, and I hope to have it out in early 2015. It will be my first contemporary MM Romance.  Wish me luck.

MGAIACB Header1 copy


My Guardian Angel is a Cockblocker: I stopped this to try to finish it all at once and never did. I hope to finish that come the fall. Stay tuned, I have not abandoned it.

Soccer Background Cover 3.2 Titled Thumbnail

Second Shot the Senior Year: Here too, I’ve sort of put this on hold. but I’ve started this back up. My plan is to work start a new story arc with this while I finish My Guardian Angel Those two will give me plenty of things to post for the rest of the year.

The Last Grand Master CoverChampion of the God’s Update: As you know, book 2The Eye and the Arm is coming in Spring ’15.  I have a prequel that I’m going to make available for the first time at GRL.  It will focus on Farrell before the war started and flesh out an event mentioned in The Last Grand Masterspecifically, Farrell telling his mother he prefers men and his first romance. It won’t be too long, but it will fill in a few gaps in that part of the story and give us a glimpse of Queen Zenora and Grand Master Heminaltose.  Dreamspinner Press is allowing me to use the original cover and they are going to tweak the title to add the word “prequel” somewhere to distinguish it from the original.

In addition, I’ve started book 3—Kings of Lore and Legend—and I hope to have it off to Dreamspinner by Dec 1, 2014. A might ambitious, but doable I think.

Something(s) New: 

  1. Recently I’ve started hosting Blog Tours, Book Blasts and Cover Reveals for Pride Promotions. My goal is to post a list of all upcoming tours, blasts or reveals each week to let you know what’s coming the following week.  Can’t say I’ll always remember to do it, but I’ll make an effort to keep up with it.
  2. I was asked to do a monthly blog post for the Love Bytes review site. I’m beyond thrilled to have been asked and I start in two weeks. My posts will appear the 29th of each month.  Look for them each month.



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