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May 23, 2014

Update Part 2 – New – and Not So New – Works in Progress

These Works In Progress (WIP – not to be confused with Wayward Ink Publishing’s WIP) updates are always a bugger for me. I have such good intentions, but never seem to have the time to finish anything.

BUT – this time I have some news without hopes or best intentions. This time, I actually have completed stories to announce. (Shocking, yes I know.)

Love Loss, Laughter & Lust Cover

First – I have a short story in Wayward Ink’s, Love, Loss, Laughter & Lust – Anthology.  That will be titled, A Closed Door.  The anthology will be released on June 20, 2014.  It is available for pre-order now.  Buy Link:


Ashes of Life Cover Final 3.4Next – Ashes of Life is my entry for the Goodreads MM Romance, Don’t Read in the Closet event. That is going to be released probably in July or early August. I don’t have a date yet, but I’ll let folks know as soon as I learn more.  I already posted a cover reveal and excerpt, but in case you missed it, here’s that link:  Ashes of Life


Harp Strings should be the next book released after Ashes of Life. I’ve been told that if I want this out by Gay Rom Lit, I need to have it done by June 30.  Might be tough to do that, but if I don’t make that deadline, I hope I’ll have it out shortly afterward? I’m about 60K into it with maybe another 20K to go.  We’ll see. But, some time this fall, however Harp Strings should be out.  This will be my first contemporary MM Romance. (If no one likes it, it could be my last)  I shared an excerpt earlier, here: 


Moving along – The Last Grand Master (TLGM) is going to be re-released by Dreamspinner Press – Sorta.  Dreamspinner has created a new imprint called DsP Publications. DsP Publications is going to focus on books that may or may not be a romance, but where the main plot is something other than a romance. These would include Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thrillers, & Mystery. Things that aren’t a straight up romance.  Anyway, in preparation for the release of Book Two of Champion of the Gods – The Eye and The Arm DsP Publications is going to re-release TLGM about a month or so before book 2.  So look for that in Feburary 2015.


Which leads me to Book 2 of Champion of the Gods – The Eye and the Arm.  Yep, it’s going to happen. I was told that if I can have the manuscript to DsP Publications by June 1, 2014, The Eye and the Arm will be out around April 1, 2015. Well, it’s done. It’s in a final round of edits, but it will go to DsP Publications no later than June 1. More importantly, DsP Publications will allow for a longer book – so books 3-5 will be twice as long a the first two.  The nice part about that is books 3 & 4 are written, but just need some fixin. With the larger word count, I’ll be able to get these out on a schedule – no more waiting for me to finish a total rewrite of the next book.  By the time Book 2 is out, I’ll know approximately when book three will be released.  Hopefully, book two will contain the opening chapter or part of the opening chapter to book three.  So this is great news for me – and anyone who wants to read the rest of the series.


Well, that’s up date two.  The weekend updates will be pictures that I’ve been meaning to post for a while.  See you tomorrow.

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  1. skylar1776 says:

    Wow Andy! You have been busy with things other than taking photo’s of your beautiful daughter! As a fan, have to tell you I’m so happy to hear of all the activity! I’ll keep my fingers crossed you can get Harp Strings out for GRL. Good Luck!

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