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Apr 20, 2014

Easter ’14

We’re almost to the point where ‘lil q is hip to all the holidays.  Despite mentioning it several time that the Easter Bunny was coming today, he needed a bit of prompting to remember.  But once she did, she was all into it. So after getting up we put on our bunny ears (that didn’t even make it down the stairs before they fell off) and down to look for our basket, then breakfast. (Yes, I let her have chocolate before we ate, I’m not a total ogre. )

Grandma sent her a basket of goodies that we opened and no shock this was her favorite.

We’re off to here other grandma’s today, so more pictures tomorrow.


  1. skylar1776 says:

    Adorable pictures of lil ‘q. Did you have an Easter hunt at home or is she not ready for that yet. Happy Easter to you, Mike and ‘lil q!

  2. marlew92 says:

    Always love the pics and little video’s of lil’q, she is just beautiful and adorable and everything else in between. Love to all :hugs:

    • Thanks Mark. Wait til you finally meet – I’ll bring her to meet you two soon. I’ve not been on that side of the pond in a while. She is even more fun when she come out with these hilarious
      little statements.

  3. Delightful pics as always Andy. Can’t wait for you to bring her over here…next year maybe?? Anyhoo, Happy Easter to you all, and not too much chocolate Papa hehe 🙂

    • My list of people I must see is long enough that our trip won’t be a short one 🙂 And OMG the amount of candy she got. I thought I’d over done it, but grandma when bezonkers 😛

      Happy Easter to you and your family, Bev. Hope it was a good day.

  4. She looks adorable. I hope you all had a good Easter.

  5. Jo Ann says:

    Can’t quit saying cute and adorable when I see her. Such a precious child. The bunny was cute!

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