02/02/2014 In My Writing
Feb 02, 2014

New Visuals

As I grow as an author, I feel I’m learning more about how to be ‘marketer’ (not that I’m not learning more every day about how to be a better author, but my ‘marketing skills’ were/are so woeful that I have sooo much to learn).  But thanks to the web and some very smart – and generous -people, I’ve learned a few important things.

Perhaps one of the most important is that visuals are really helpful. It’s easier to catch someone’s eye with a picture, video, drawing, graphic, etc, than it is with just text. I’d kinda known that – hence the pictures everywhere, –  but then someone took it a step further and said, I – not me per se, but people in general – needed an avatar that I could/would use on all platforms that would be recognizable as mine.  I think I found such an image.

AQGLogo Full Size

Lily Velden helped me come up with it and the graphic artist is Laird Geoffrey Mead.  Pretty cool, no?

In addition, since I started a new Wednesday Brief Story, I asked my friend Alicia Nordwell to create a cover and banner for the posts.  Here’s what she came up with:

MGAIACBbanner1 copy

Again, I rather like it and it does fit the story.  So thank you to Cia – who by the way, does freelance covers and banners. If you’re in the market for some, her prices are reasonable and she is super easy to work with.


  1. lilyvelden says:

    I love it and it’s so you, Curmudgeon!!!

    Thrilled you are happy with it! Laird Geoff is a whizz, is he not???

  2. Lynette says:

    The avatar is not as cute as pictures of you and lil q but I love it. It’s sleek and classy. For what it’s worth, when I check out new posts on my RSS feed, the ones with distinct avatars draw my eye first.This one will definitely be easily identifiable.

    And Cia’s banner definitely fits your story. She is truly a multi-talented lady.

    • Lynette,

      That is exactly what I was hoping for – something eye catching that would make folks who don’t know me at least take a moment to look at the design and then hopefully look closer at me.

      And yep, Cia is indeed multi-talented – I’m quite pleased with the Banner – she did such a good job capturing the mood.

      Thanks for the comments.


  3. Dave K says:

    I like the avatar Andy and it is distinctive. And a little edgy!

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