Dec 08, 2013

Holiday Blog Event – Schedule

So I’m a few days late with the schedule. I meant to do it sooner, but there never seems to be enough time this during the holiday season.  That made me a bit behind in confirming with everyone their dates, so I held off until now.

The theme of the Event is Parents and Christmas. The participants are all all parents – or soon to be parents, some are even grandparents. Those posting are practice different religions, live in many different countries, and run the gamut of orientations. The goal was a diverse group so I could get a wide variety of posts. I think I’ve achieved that mix.

Here is the list of everyone participating and the days their post will appear. There will be no Holiday Posts on Wednesday as that is my Flash Fiction day. The exception will be Christmas Day.

If you follow my blog you’ll get email notification when each post goes live. Or you can follow me on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.  I’ve also created a tab at the top of my blog for easy access to every post.

December 1  – Andrew Q. Gordon
December 2  – Anne Tenino
December 3  – M.A. Church
December 6  – Anyta Sunday
December 7  – Nephylim
December 8  – Lena Gray
December 9  – JJ (Joyfully Jay)
December 10 – Elizabeth North
December 12 – Lily Velden
December 13 – Wade Kelly
December 14 – Alicia Nordwell
December 15 – Chris T. Cat
December 16 – Cate Ashwood
December 17 – Shira Anthony
December 19 – Amy Lane
December 20 – Melanie Marshall
December 21 – Lorraine Fico White
December 22 – Rick R Reed
December 23 – Festivus Special
December 24- Becky Condit
December 25 – Andrew Q. Gordon

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