Dec 06, 2013

Holiday Blog Event: Anyta Sunday – St. Nikolaus

Deck the halls with boots of lollies!

On this wonderful 6th of December, children (and adults) awake to find the shoe they left out their door overnight full of goodies from Nikolaus.

Similar to perhaps how a stocking overhanging a fireplace might be filled, in Germany—where my family and I celebrate Christmas—this happens earlier in the month.

Tempted to peg my nose the first time I participated in this tradition, I was hesitant about sticking out one of my shoes to be filled with delicious chocolate. But, since I’m a chocoholic, I quickly figured that this day makes for a prime excuse to finally clean and polish my shoes.

But what I love most about this tradition is how it makes Christmas more than just a day at the end of the month. The entire December feels like it’s a celebration. From the first Advent Sunday where we put up the tree, to Nikolaus and the boot full of yumminess, to the Christmas markets that light up nearly every square selling mulled wine and smelling of cinnamon goodness, to making gingerbread houses that mostly collapse, all the way to Christmas day itself—there is so much to do and look forward to.

Christmas lights up what is otherwise just one very cold month.

As my son grows into an age where he is full of wonder and awe and that wonderful anticipation of anything and everything Christmas, all these traditions are becoming more and more exciting. It is, for the most part (gift buying craziness aside), a happy, fun-filled month. And for me, the sweet treats and gifts Nikolaus brings sets the mood for the rest of the month!

So deck those halls with boots of lollies, and have a happy Nikolaus!

Sticking with the German theme of this post, below is a link to my kid’s favorite Christmas song:

Schneeflöckchen Weißröckchen

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  1. Becky Condit says:

    Great story! I love learning about new (to me) traditions.

  2. Great story Anyta…fancy meeting you on here, hehe!! ♥♥

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