Dec 24, 2013

Christmas ’13 Part 3 – ‘lil q’s Christmas Tree

Every year Mike and I have this debate with ourselves, should we get a tree or shouldn’t we? By the time we get around to buying one, half the Christmas season is over and we ask ourselves, do we really want to spend the time and money on a tree. Every year we come to the same conclusion – yes, we need a tree. This year, ‘lil q understands that ‘she’ has a Christmas tree – and it has lights. Sunday we decorated the tree.

We waited until she took her nap to begin. With two of us we just managed to get it done before she woke up.  When she saw her tree she was beaming. Made it so worth it just to see her smile. [I did say I was one of those parents.]


  1. lilyvelden says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your ‘lil q Christmas experiences, Andy.

    It’s more appreciated than you know.

    Merry Christmas to you and yours.

  2. She gets more gorgeous every time I see her. Wonderful pictures Andy and Mike, thanks so much and have a stupendous Christmas…looking forward to more pics when she opens her pressies!! x

  3. Jo Ann says:

    Of course you have to have a tree. Precious, and yes, quite the fiasco when the unwrapping begins. She’ll want to unwrap everybody else’s and hers, lol

  4. skylar1776 says:

    Lil ‘q is just adorable. Love the Christmas tree pictures. I’m looking forward to seeing Christmas morning gift opening pictures too. Make sure the camera is fully charged! My best wishes to you, Mike and Lil ‘q for a very Merry Christmas.

    • There was no Christmas morning gift opening. There was a christmas morning get dressed and go to the airport to go see grandma. 🙂

      Next year there will be Santa and pictures of her in her PJs 🙂

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