09/13/2013 In Real Life and Whatnot
Sep 13, 2013

Lucky Friday 13

A few pictures from the last two weeks. She seems to be in a very good mood lately.  The two “portraits” were an attempt to get her to smile for an evite picture. The one with cupcakes was us trying out the cupcakes from the person we’re using to make them for her birthday. And the one with the dog is her on the dog walk with our dog Emma. ‘lil q loves dogs and they like her. 🙂


  1. Maybe Lil Q is being extra good in view of what’s happening soon?? She’s a real cutie and you and Mike are very lucky couple. Well done to the two Papas.

  2. skylar1776 says:

    Very adorable pictures! What’s not to smile at? I’d smile too if offered the job of cup cake tasting!
    Lots to celebrate at your house. Hope there are smiles all around.

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