04/07/2013 In Real Life and Whatnot
Apr 07, 2013

A First Time For Everything And To Everything A Time

Last night, at 18 months, and 9 days, Mike and I finally left ‘lil q at home while we went out for the night.  We’d left her during the day a couple of times, but not like this. In truth, it’s not like we didn’t want to leave her, it’s just that there wasn’t anything we were itching to do that we couldn’t take her with us to do. Given how it took to have her and how fast she is growing, spending time with her is usually tops on our list.

Surprisingly, I didn’t even worry while we were at dinner. We were showing pictures to our friends, so we clearly were thinking about ‘lil q, but I know I wasn’t worried.  Of course having one of the women from the day care watch her always helps. If there was one thing I knew about Ms. Susan, she’d have called if there was an issue.  And since we had our phones out showing pictures, we knew we wouldn’t miss the call.

‘lil q seemed a bit shocked to see Ms. Susan in the house, but once that wore off, she was her usual happy self. Went to sleep without a fuss and took it all probably much better than we did. LOL.

Now that we have one under our belt, we’ll probably do it a bit more, but since hiring a professional to watch ‘lil q isn’t cheap, it probably won’t be too often that we go out without ‘lil q.

Finally, in keeping with my goals for the weekend, the Easter pictures are up.  I’m attaching my favorite, but you can see them all by clicking the link.



  1. lilyvelden says:

    I love the hat and flower in her hair and how they match her dress – beyond cute!

    So guys I hope you’re both taking boxing lessons and improving your aim, cos in a few short years you’re going to be needing both to fend off her suitors!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • That was a cute hat grandma gave her. And since it was Mike’s fav picture of the day, I used it as the post shot. As for improving my aim – yeah, I’m working on it already. 😀

  2. Ryan says:

    I love the ensemble, it’s very festive. It’s good to hear that you weren’t nervous or worried the whole time. I can only imagine how parents feel about leaving their child with someone else.

    • Haha only you would lead with the ‘ensemble; 🙂

      I surprised myself by not worrying about her, I expect SOME stray thoughts, but we were good 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

  3. marlew92 says:

    I can never put into words how adorable, beautiful and incredibly sweet she is. Everytime I see her I fall in love all over again, she is growing so fast. I’ve been so busy lately with study, I don’t really have time to think about anything else. I miss everyone so much. stay well and happy my friends 🙂

    • Thanks Mark, One of her favorite books is the Tiger Who Came for Tea. She knows which one it is by the spine of the book and she’ll touch a few until she finds it then she;ll walk over, hand me the book and plunk down in m y lap so I’ll read to her. I think of you every time I read it to her. Good luck with the study and the rest.

  4. Very cute pictures and I’m glad you had a good time.

  5. Daddy Dave K says:

    Love the pic as I said on GA. The fact that you and Mike took a night out after more than 18 months without the princess says something about the level of commitment you have for her. I am sure she knows. Children are a life-altering development in any relationship and it seems you two are making the most of it. Congrats and keep on keeping on!

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