11/29/2012 In My Writing
Nov 29, 2012

Book updates.

It’s hard to believe it’s been a month since I last posted. Much has happened, mostly all good too.

Chosen Of Honorus has a tentative release date of February, 2013.  I’m just starting the editing process with Dreamspinner Press and their art department is working on a cover. I’m excited and interested to see what they come up with.  More details when they become available.

In other news, Dreamspinner Press informed me this week they are buying my third novel – Purpose, with a release date of May or June 2013. Purpose is perhaps my favorite story of all my writing – though I suspect each ‘new’ story will be my ‘new’ favorite. This is very different from anything else I’ve written. It’s darker, more introspective, less angsty, more gritty.  It’s set in contemporary Washington, D.C.  Like most of my writing, there is very little sex, but I think that’s what worked for the story.  I asked a few people who review m/m fiction on Goodreads for feedback before I submitted it, and based on the positive comments, I sent it to the publisher. They, along with everyone else who helped me, will get a shout out in the acknowledgement section.

With three books in a year, I’m about tapped out. I’ll be glad to get one a year out after this, with two being a banner year. Not much help for it while the baby is still young. I wouldn’t trade my time with her for anything, not even a new novel.

Next post will be more of a personal update, so stay tuned.


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