06/10/2012 In My Writing
Jun 10, 2012

Welcome to . . . me. An introduction of sorts.

The first post should belong to me, so here goes.

I’ve been meaning to start a site to promote my writing, but there never seems to be time; so I made some. Anyta Sunday and I co-wrote a story that is scheduled to be published in August/September by Dreamspinner Press, so it is high time I got started.

Basically I started writing at the suggestion of my partner – we’d like to be husbands, but although Maryland passed a law allowing gay marriage, it needs to survive the referendum in the fall. It started with a fantasy novel that in no way resembles the form it is in now. That story, in a new, chopped up, heavily edited version is currently being posted chapter by chapter on the Gay Author’s website. They site has it in their premium content section, meaning you need to be a paying subscriber to read it. Hopefully it’s worth the subscription. I hope to see it published and have submitted it to Dreamspinner for their consideration. If not, I’ll ePublish it myself.

But I digress. I started writing as a hobby. Then I took a writing class and my instructor suggested – strongly – that I join an on line bulletin board – she is rather old school – so I could get feed back on my writing. In response to her suggestion, I joined Gay Authors. I began posting something I was working on which became – Second Shot. It is available for free on Gay Authors, along with other stuff here.

It was after I joined Gay Authors that I met Anyta and we became friends. We read stuff for each other then we co-wrote an entry for the sites 2011 novella contest and our entry Bettor To Lose won first place. Based on that we began to consider strongly writing to publish.

And that leads me to this site. So once things get in print or ePrint, I’ll post links for any who are interested in buying them.



  1. Mark Lewis says:

    This is so great Andy, I’ve bookmarked it and shall share it with Stu. Good luck ! Marky

  2. Stuart Monteith says:

    Hey Andy, cool webpage 🙂 Hope it goes well 🙂 Stuart

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