Thank You For Being A Fan

First I want to thank you for being such a loyal fan. Only readers who’ve purchased Child of Night and Day have access to this page and to a copy of A Mother’s Love. (I expect to make it available for free to my entire mailing list in a few months, but it even then it won’t be available for sale.)

Click here to download your copy of A Mother’s Love.

 There are no spoilers in A Mother’s Love, so you can read this before or after Child of Night and Day. It tells the story of Queen Zenora’s death and how his mother’s death affected Farrell in the days that followed. It also fills in a few more details of how Farrell came to be ‘Lord of Haven’ and when he first met Master Erstad. Although none of these events are new, I couldn’t go into the same level of detail in the books.

The cover art is by AngstyG—the same artist who did the series covers—and you’ll note we moved away from the ‘hands’ for this prequel. We haven’t abandoned that theme, just did something different for the prequel to distinguish it from the main series.

For those interested, I’m finishing the final installment, When Heroes Fall—Book Five, and that should be available sometime in 2018.

If you have questions about any of the books, have a different scene you’d like to see in prequel form, or want share your thoughts, email me at: andrew@andrewqgordon. com. I’ll do my best to answer any questions I can without spoiling things to come.

Thank you again for being such a loyal fan.

Enjoy The Journey!


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