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09/09/2017 In Champion of the Gods

My “Help Me Give Away 10,000 eCopies Of The Last Grand Master” Contest.

I want to give away as many eCopies of The Last Grand Master as I can (at least 10,000). I could bore you with why 10K is important and what could/should/will happen if I hit that number, but what really matters is I need your help. So rather than beg empty handed, I’m holding a contest and giving everyone who helps a small thank you gift. Click HERE to enter the contest. (The details are on the sign up page.) Or keep reading for more details. Prizes: 1 (One) $50.00 Amazon gift card and 2 (Two) $25.00 DSP Publications gift cards. Small Gift to everyone: A coupon good for 35% off your entire purchase from the DSP Publications Store. Contest ends …

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