Perfect Reading Space

Arhaus, a national furniture store, with local stores near me, asked me to describe my perfect reading space.* As a writer, I spend more time in my writing cave than my reading space. Typically I read on the train, in a waiting room, in bed before I go to sleep. An actual designated area that invites me to sit down and lose myself in a good book? Nope, I don’t have that. Good thing I was asked to describe my ideal spot instead of where I typically read.

My reading nook should be just that, a small space made for my books and me. Room for a chair, books, a lamp and a small desk in case I get inspired and need to jot down a few plot bunnies.

I like overstuffed chairs. The kind you sink into and they wrapped themselves around you. Soft leather or plush fabric, it doesn’t matter. What does count is can I sit back, put my feet up and make myself comfortable. Something like this (with a matching ottoman) works:



I like overhead lights, but I really like floor lamps I can position over my shoulder to light up the pages of my book. It feels more personal. Like the light is meant only for the story that has my attention and me. Since I tend to like my stories with more than a hint of the fantastic, my ideal floor lamp couldn’t be plain or ordinary either.



Though I like things a bit different, I also prefer things to focus on function, rather than be nice to look at but impractical. This applies to bookcases and desks. Now, as an authors, these aren’t just books, they’re adventures and happy ever afters. They allow readers to explore and dream. Their home, therefore, needs to reflect that awesomeness. Something like this, that has a sliding ladder to make it super impressive:


And since this is a room for reading not a writing cave, a secretary desk would be perfect. Big enough for the grand ideas I’d use it to record, but mindful of its place in the room. And of course it would have a glass cabinet on top to house my most important books.

The room would have dark tartan wallpaper and wainscoting in a deep brown stain . I prefer hardwood floors and thick area rugs. And if we’re really going all out, a fireplace.

So that’s mine. If the spirit moves you and you want to share aspects of your perfect reading space, my blog is yours to fill up.


*I am not being compensated for this, no money, no furniture, not even a discount. They pitched the idea to me and I thought it a great idea for a blog post, so I ran with it.