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10/11/2017 In (Un)Masked, Andy Gallo

I’m Coming Out – Kinda

People who’ve followed me for some time know that although I write mainly non-romance, speculative fiction—fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy—I’ve also written some MM Romance. As it would happen, in 2017, the rights to my two published MM Romance stories reverted back to me. I took this as a sign. What was my epiphany? That I needed to create a new pen name for my MM Romance. So I did. Starting now, all my romance stories will be published under the pen name Andy Gallo. (I’ve already been asked why that name – well Andrew is my real name, but most people call me Andy, and I wanted a last name with a G because – well Gordon – and my …

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4.5 out of 5 stars to (Un)Masked by Andrew Q. Gordon

Nice reviews are great, but they’re even better when someone discovers one of your earlier books and ends up really enjoying it. This made both Anyta and I smile. 🙂

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