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Kings of Lore and Legend—Update

Kings of Lore and Legend, Book three of Champion of the Gods is done. Now to submit it and hope DSP Publications accepts it. In King of Lore and Legend, Farrell and Miceral are going to endless Lourdria in pursuit of the Gifts of the Gods and hopefully more information on Kel. Their travels will take them to the center of the continent to Agloth, city of the Goddess of Love. One of the things I’ve really not done much with is highlight the ‘beings’ of Nendor.  Unicorns and Peregrines are not horses and birds in my world. They are highly intelligent beings who are favored of the gods. Not are they intelligent, they have their own ruling class and their own society. …

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Champion of the Gods: Yar-del

When I began writing the series, I think the first ‘place’ I envisioned was Haven and the Plaines of Gharaha. Yar-del City, however, is probably my favorite place in the ‘world.’ When Honorus sent His servant to Ardus, the lord of the gods tasked Kel with creating a kingdom in the virtually unsettled lands. Legend has it that Honorus, in the guise of a white eagle, guided Kel to the spot where he’d build his ‘gleaming city by the sea.’ As a wizard whose lifespan would be measured in centuries, not decades, Kel took his time with the construction of his throne city. Unlike other cities, which grew up around something—a fortress, town, trade center—Kel laid out his city from …

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Champion of the Gods: Grand Master Kel

Of all the great wizards throughout history, none receive the same attention as Grand Master Kel, first king of Yar-del. Kel was the second youngest of seven sons born to Bren and Geena, farmers who lived in the ancient kingdom of Kentar in what is Dumbarten. At the age of twelve, a wizard-priest recognized his potential and he was sent to the temple of Honorus in Kentar to begin his training. As with most wizards who should the potential to be a high-level master or grand master wizard, after rudimentary training, he was sent to a temple of Falcon to further his education. When Kel attained master status, he rejected the traditional roles of a wizard. Instead of remaining with …

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Champion of the Gods: Neldin

Although hardly a secondary character, what would the book be without the ultimate bad guy. Neldin’s importance is mainly ‘off page.’ He will make appearances during the series, but they will be brief, as the gods are not allowed to directly interfere. Despite his lack of ‘face time’ on page, Neldin is the architect of the war and it is his hand that guides Meglar. I thought a bit of background on him would help understand the entire series. Neldin and the Great War: From A History of Nendor In the beginning the seven gods of Nendor banded together to create the world. Each took some part of the world over which to hold sway. Each was permitted to guide …

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Champion of the Gods – Meglar

There are a number of characters who have an impact on the story, but whom we never meet. Meglar is one of those. Although we will meet him at some point in the story—I can’t even imagine the hate mail I’d get if I tried to resolve the final conflict between Farrell and Meglar in any fashion other than a face-to-face fight—in The Last Grand Master and The Eye and the Arm, Meglar doesn’t appear personally. That lack of face time does not, however, diminish his importance. In First Love we learn about Meglar from Queen Zenora, something we can’t do in The Last Grand Master or The Eye and the Arm because she died before the book opens. Yar-del and Zargon had been …

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Champion of the Gods – Grand Master Heminaltose

When The Champion of the Gods begins with The Last Grand Master, Grand Master Heminaltose is dead. He died at Yar-del, along with Queen Zenora so we only get bits and pieces of him and his personality during the books. Heminaltose was Farrell’s first and most important teacher and helped shape his student’s character. He considered the latter task his most important. As the son of both Queen Zenora and Meglar, Heminaltose kept a close watch on Farrell. Any sign his student might turn out like his father would require Heminaltose to take swift action to neutralize this threat. Always mindful he might need to kill his student, Heminaltose maintained as much distance as he could with Farrell. Heminaltose was over …

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Champion of the Gods: Queen Zenora

Queen Zenora of Yar-del is one of the more tragic characters in the story. Like Heminaltose, she doesn’t survive the open campaign of the war. In the Prequel—First Love— and in the flash backs through Farrell’s eyes, I tried to show the true strength of Zenora. Zenora is the only surviving child of King Bren. In her own right, she is a very powerful wizard. Her power is often over shadowed by those around her, specifically Heminaltose, her teacher, mentor and ally. Meglar’s meteoric rise to influence upon the stolen energy of Yar-del also obscures Zenora’s true power. But that just speaks to her strength as a wizard. What about her as a person? When King Falon of Zargon proposed …

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Champion of the Gods: Books One and Two – Available Now

    For those who don’t own it (or who want a copy with the new cover art) The Last Grand Master is on sale now through the release of Book 2 – The Eye and the Arm on April 14, 2015. Also – you can now pre-order The Eye and the Arm from all your favorite places.           DSP Publications: The Last Grand Master Amazon: The Last Grand Master Barnes & Noble: The Last Grand Master ARe OmniLit: The Last Grand Master DSP Publications: The Eye and the Arm Amazon: The Eye and the Arm Are OmniLit: The Eye and the Arm Barnes & Noble: The Eye and the Arm      

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The Last Grand Master – New Cover – New Sale Price

  When DSP Publications decided to re-release The Last Grand Master as part of taking the entire Champion of the Gods series, I didn’t think to ask about a new cover, so when Book One was re-released on February 10, 2015, it had the same cover as the first edition. But then I sent in my request for what I wanted in the cover for The Eye and the Arm and to do what I wanted for Book Two, we needed to redesign the cover for Book One to keep the theme consistent.  What you’re about to see is the result. For those who don’t know how getting a cover works, DSP Publications took my input and paired with a cover …

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