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05/01/2017 In Guest, Running The Bases

Running the Bases With Meg Cowley

Running the Bases’ guest this week is Meg Cowley. Meg is an indie author and illustrator living in Yorkshire, England with her husband and two cats Jet and Pixie. If you sign up for Meg’s mailing list, you can get a free book in return along with tons of great content. Let’s go out in the field and toss a few questions to Meg. We see you’ve read from an early age and are an educator. Therefore, what fantasy/science fiction book would you recommend for children? It would have to be Harry Potter. That was one of the most influential pieces of literature I read growing up, because I was roughly the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione when the books and …

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Running the Bases With Shei Darksbane

  Running The Bases’ guest this week is Shei Darksbane. Shei is a co-founder of Darksbane Books, which publishes diverse representative speculative fiction. What are 3 of your favorite fantasy characters? (Please say where they’re from) This is so hard. I love so many characters so very deeply. But if I have to respond, and I’ll refrain from answering on my wife’s characters 😉 since then I’d have far more than 3 to name anyway… I’ll say Kvothe from Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles, Starbride from Barbara Ann Wright’s Katya and Starbride series, and Bentley and Corman (sorry, they come as a pair!) from Craigh Schaefer’s Daniel Faust series. Gosh this is hard. I could name wonderful characters all day long! What …

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Running The Bases With David F. Berens

Running The Bases’ guest this week is David F. Berens. David is a fantasy and tennis author. What’s the silliest writing idea you’ve had–that worked!? This first and maybe silliest idea that turned into a really great sequence in Dragon Reign is the idea of using a really simple spell to turn a Red Dragon pink! It was so fun to explore how this enraged the dragon and removed the fear of the dragon from our heroes. It also became a hook to turn this dragon into an ally with the mage who turned him pink at the end of the book – which becomes a significant plot point in the sequel. We see you’re a tennis pro, how does …

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Running The Bases With Paul Francois

Running the Bases’ guest this week is Paul Francois.  Paul is an IT professional whose love of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Thrillers shine through in his books. Paul’s newest book Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn chronicles the adventure of a young warrior who is on a journey to rescue his sister and finding the mighty sword, Shadowbane, all the way. We pitched some questions to Paul to see what makes this talented author click.   What is one trick that you do to insure your stories and/or characters are fresh and unique? Well first I try to research other published stories, so I do not use the same names. I prefer to use names that have meaning. Next I try to plan out what “quirks” each …

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03/27/2017 In Running The Bases

Running The Bases With Eric Knight

Running The Bases’ guest this week Eric T. Knight. Eric is a Tuscon, AZ resident who is also travel and fantasy author. Eric has a new fantasy novel, The Lost Temple of Totec, coming out on Kindle Scout next month.  So round the bases with Eric and then leave a comment when your done. One lucky commenter will win an eBook of their choice from Eric’s backlist. What are 3 of your favorite fantasy works (books, TV, movies, etc)? Three faves… Well, of course I have to start with the Lord of the Rings. I read the series the first time in high school and it just blew me away. I’d never read fantasy before, other than fairy tales, and I had no idea …

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Running The Bases With Joe Jackson

Running The Bases’ guest this week Joe Jackson. How cool is that? (For those who don’t know, Shoeless Joe Jackson was one of the greatest player ever and I love that his twitter handle is @shoelessauthor. This must be what nerd heaven is like.) What make’s this even more timely, pitchers and catchers report for spring training this week. Baseball is about to be reborn for 2017! Joe’s epic fantasy series, Eve of Redemption, saw a fourth installment released last month with Legacy of the Devil Queen.  So round the bases with Joe and then leave a comment when your done. One lucky commenter will win an eBook of their choice from Joe’s backlist. Your series has big expansive world building. What is one …

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Running The Bases With Drew Avera

Welcome to Running The Bases!  The first guest to sprint around the base paths is Drew Avera.  Drew is an unabashed space pirate at heart and in keeping with true pirate grit, he agreed to be the first guest on this feature.  So round the bases with Drew and then leave a comment when your done. Three lucky commenters will win an eCopy of Broken Worlds, the first book in the Alorian Wars Series. Why space pirates? Wouldn’t the better question be why not? Seriously, space pirates are cool. Just look at Han Solo. Yeah, he’s a good guy, but he isn’t a law abiding citizen necessarily. Though, I have to say the space pirates in The Alorian Wars aren’t really …

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Running The Bases—Author Interviews

Starting tomorrow, January 23 2017, I’ll be starting a new feature on the blog called, Running The Bases (RTB).  This will combine my love of baseball with my writing to bring you short, four question interviews—one for each base—with primarily speculative fiction authors.  My hope is these will be a home run as I try to bring on authors who are new to the Land of Make Believe to give readers new idea for books/series to check out.  There will also be chances to win free eBooks from my guests. If there are any authors you’d like me to try to get on the feature, let me know in a comment. If you’re an author who wants to be featured, contact …

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