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09/09/2017 In Champion of the Gods

My “Help Me Give Away 10,000 eCopies Of The Last Grand Master” Contest.

I want to give away as many eCopies of The Last Grand Master as I can (at least 10,000). I could bore you with why 10K is important and what could/should/will happen if I hit that number, but what really matters is I need your help. So rather than beg empty handed, I’m holding a contest and giving everyone who helps a small thank you gift. Click HERE to enter the contest. (The details are on the sign up page.) Or keep reading for more details. Prizes: 1 (One) $50.00 Amazon gift card and 2 (Two) $25.00 DSP Publications gift cards. Small Gift to everyone: A coupon good for 35% off your entire purchase from the DSP Publications Store. Contest ends …

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08/28/2017 In Champion of the Gods

Fear In The Marketing Of A Sale i.e. The Sale on Books 1-3 Ends Soon!

In the world of sales, unless a company is going out of business or the item is discontinued, everyone knows there is no such thing as a sale that will never, ever be seen again.  We know things will go on sale again, we just don’t know when. And yet, we see headlines that scream: Hurry! or Last Days! or Don’t Miss This! Why? Because fear sells. Marketing 101 says create a sense of urgency to get impulse buys.  No one wants to miss out on a great deal so let them know the great deal is only for a limited time. (I might be drummed out of the mythical book marketers secret club for sharing their ‘proprietary’ information.) With that as …

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Friday Musings

The last seven days have been unsettling to say the least. Starting with the events in Charlottesville, the response by that guy in the White House (all three contradictory and confusing ones), Barcelona and now Finland. I was listening to this song to get in a more positive mood:   Change will only come if enough of us want it and are willing to stand up for it.  What I was willing to ride out when I wasn’t a parent, I need to change now that I’m a parent. I look at my daughter and the carefree way she sees the world and I worry. What will be left when she’s my age? Will there be anything left? There is …

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Champion of the Gods

It took the Seven to make the world. Each to rule Their own. Until One wanted to control them all.   In the Great War of ancient times, Neldin, the God of Death, sought to rule the world. He almost succeeded, but Kel, the Champion of the Six, destroyed Neldin’s bridge into the world and closed the Eight Gates of Neblor. Some thought forever. But Neldin returned. His servant, Meglar, surprised his enemies and all the great wizards who opposed him. The Six chose a new Champion to save the world. Young and untested, Farrell struggles to unite those who oppose Neldin. With each confrontation, however, his task seems ever more impossible. Champion of the Gods is a five book …

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Release Day—Kings of Lore and Legend—Champion of the Gods, Book III

Today is release for Book III Kings of Lore and Legend. Unfortunately, this is a true series and I really need you to read Books I & II first. You can’t drop in here at this book, pick it up and really know what’s going on. Sure there is a synopsis of what has gone before, but you won’t be able to see the growth Farrell made; how much of an impact Miceral has on that development; the magic might not make sense, etc. To make it easier for you to get started on the series, I’m giving away a free copy of Book I – The Last Grand Master to everyone who wants a copy. You can get a copy by …

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The Eye And The Arm On Sale For A Limited Time

First let me say to all authors, if you want to work with the best, submit to DSP Publications and Dreamspinner Press. Everyone loves their publishers and honestly, you should. But this is special. In the world of writing, I’m still relatively new—just don’t tell them that. They treat me like royalty and always have. Now, I can hear the skeptics out there; “anyone can say their publisher is good, tell me why.” I’m glad you asked. One of the so called pro’s of self-publishing is the ability to give away your first book or cut the price of another to build readers.  I wanted to do both with the first two books of the Champion of the Gods series. …

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Sign Up For Monthly Updates And Get A Free eBook

For a limited time, get a free eCopy of The Last Grand Master, Book One my Champion of the Gods series. when you sign up for monthly updates. ↓Click the banner below ↓ to get your free eBook. ↓ If you want to learn a bit more about the series before you sign up, visit the book page: The Last Grand Master Book Page:  

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Kings of Lore and Legend—Update

Kings of Lore and Legend, Book three of Champion of the Gods is done. Now to submit it and hope DSP Publications accepts it. In King of Lore and Legend, Farrell and Miceral are going to endless Lourdria in pursuit of the Gifts of the Gods and hopefully more information on Kel. Their travels will take them to the center of the continent to Agloth, city of the Goddess of Love. One of the things I’ve really not done much with is highlight the ‘beings’ of Nendor.  Unicorns and Peregrines are not horses and birds in my world. They are highly intelligent beings who are favored of the gods. Not are they intelligent, they have their own ruling class and their own society. …

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Champion of the Gods: Yar-del

When I began writing the series, I think the first ‘place’ I envisioned was Haven and the Plaines of Gharaha. Yar-del City, however, is probably my favorite place in the ‘world.’ When Honorus sent His servant to Ardus, the lord of the gods tasked Kel with creating a kingdom in the virtually unsettled lands. Legend has it that Honorus, in the guise of a white eagle, guided Kel to the spot where he’d build his ‘gleaming city by the sea.’ As a wizard whose lifespan would be measured in centuries, not decades, Kel took his time with the construction of his throne city. Unlike other cities, which grew up around something—a fortress, town, trade center—Kel laid out his city from …

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Champion of the Gods: Grand Master Kel

Of all the great wizards throughout history, none receive the same attention as Grand Master Kel, first king of Yar-del. Kel was the second youngest of seven sons born to Bren and Geena, farmers who lived in the ancient kingdom of Kentar in what is now the kingdom of Dumbarten. At the age of twelve, a wizard-priest recognized his potential and he was sent to the temple of Honorus in Kentar to begin his training. As with most wizards who showed the potential to be a high-level master or grand master wizard, after rudimentary training, he was sent to a temple of Falcon to further his education. When Kel attained master status, he rejected the traditional roles of a wizard. …

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