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08/09/2013 In Books, Books I Reviewed.

Pitch: By Will Parkinson.

Before I start, I think I’m supposed to say I received an advance copy in exchange for this review. Okay, legal disclosure over. Now a couple disclaimers – I don’t review a lot of books, mostly because there is an art to doing them, and especially in doing them well, so If I don’t do the book justice, my apologies to Will.  I don’t ‘rate’ books with stars or smiles, or kisses or hearts. I just give my opinions. Last, I don’t read a lot of YA – it’s not usually my cuppa – so again, I might not ‘know’ all the trends. Pitch had it’s initial appeal to me because I love baseball. But my love of baseball doesn’t mean …

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06/02/2013 In Books, Books I Reviewed.

Review: Captive Heart, By Tali Spencer

There are so many things to like about this book – but perhaps the best part is that it’s part of a series. I don’t usually stay up late on work nights – especially when I have to be in court the next day, but this had me up every night until I finish. If you like fantasy, read this book.  It’s not a M/M Romance, but so what – it is a great book, read it! Gaspar is the Emperor of Uttor, an up and coming nation that has most of the other kingdoms wary.  Sebboy is an old, powerful kingdom on the decline.  When the Prince of Sebboy kidnaps Gaspar’s beloved sister, that sets the stage for what’s …

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05/28/2013 In Books, Books I Reviewed.

Review: Plan B: By SJD Peterson

I probably haven’t said this before, but I only review books I like. Not all the books I like, just some and only when I get the time to write them up. I probably have at least a half dozen books I want to review, so this is a good place to start. I bought this book because I saw a good review of it and it was a top seller. [The cover is kinda hot too] It did not disappoint. For me, a character driven story is so important. I most enjoy stories where the author has breathed life into their characters, where the characters leap off the page and I feel like I’m reading about the real adventures of a …

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01/15/2013 In Books, Books I Reviewed.

Review – What Binds Us – By Larry Benjamin

What Binds Us – By Larry Benjamin Reviews – to me at least – are a tricky thing. On the one hand, when you like a book, you want to talk about all the things that make you like it. Balancing this desire is the need to not spoil things for others.  Hiding things in spoilers is always an option, but how many of us don’t peek?  So with that in mind, I’ll set out to do this justice without any spoilers. I wish I could give this more than 5 stars and rate it more than once. There were times when I really felt Thomas-Edward, the narrator, was a real person sitting next to me and telling his story. The …

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