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The seven kingdoms knew peace until the God of Evil is unleashed. Now a young and untried wizard must form new allies to defeat the evil.
Three college students from Earth find themselves magically transported to a fantasy world where they must learn magic, deal with alien threats and fulfill their destiny.
Wizards are born, witches are made, and they mix about as well as oil and water, so when an introverted wizard and a troublemaking witch cross paths, what could possibly go wrong?
The Hunter of Voramis does not forgive or forget. But his thirst for vengeance against a deceitful client could lead to consequences far graver than he realizes.
Untrained teen witch tangles with an evil demon and a white wizard in this coming-of-age fantasy novella.
Seth Arodan, Prince of Gynt attracted the worst enemies possible—like demonic powers throughout the world of Evelon. You’d think a holy prophet would be a bit more considerate than to tell your enemies where you could be found.
If you love kick-butt heroines, pint-sized carnivores with attitude, and action-packed fantasy, you’ll love this intro to The Sanyare Chronicles, by Megan Haskell.
The thin line between dream and reality is pixilated in this epic LitRPG fantasy saga!
An ancient evil awakens. Three unlikely heroes rise. An age of myth is reborn.
Late-year teens must navigate worlds of magic and of wildly futuristic science in order to bring the four colonized sectors of space together and bring to a close a never-ending war.
When You Hunt a Witch Be Careful She Is Not Hunting You.
How many believers does it take to resurrect a Celtic water deity? Just one.