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Brandilyn Carpenter
Oct 23, 2017

Running the Bases with Tracy Sharp

1. You write across many genre’s – Thrillers, Romance, Paranormal, and Sci Fi. Which genre do you find the most fun to spend time in?

Oh, I love them all for different reasons, but honestly my favorites are the Fantasy, Horror and Sci Fi. I just love spending time in magical worlds. Worlds where anything could happen. Anything is possible. I also love the idea that there is another world, an underworld where supernatural things happen, just beneath our day to day lives. I love mixing genres, too. Paranormal and Romance, or Fantasy and Thriller. Sci Fi and Horror. So much fun!

2. Since The Land of Make Believe is a place for Sci-Fi and Fantasy, let us talk a bit about your Intruders series. Tell us a little about the world in which that series is set.

Intruders is set in a kind of post apocalyptic world where aliens have landed and they are not friendly. On top of having to deal with the aliens, people in the Intruders world also have to deal with zombies, which were created by breathing in the dust that resulted from the giant meteor that crashed to the earth.

The most frightening thing about living in the Intruders world is that the aliens have dug pathways beneath the ground, and they can skitter out from anywhere. There are holes all over the place. They feel the vibrations of people walking above ground, and then they come out. The only saving grace is that they can’t take the daylight. So people can carefully move around then.

It was an eerie, creepy experience to write. The second book, Intruders: Awakening, was co-written with Paul Seiple, and was a blast to write. He brought so much to the story.

3. What genre have you not written, but you want to? Do you have a story in mind?

I haven’t written a Western Fantasy but I’d love to give it a try. I have no story in mind, but I’m sure it would have to do with a good guy fighting supernatural bad guys.

4. For someone who has never read Tracy Sharp, which of your books would you suggest they start with and why?

I guess it would depend on what genre they like. Someone who likes thrillers would start with Repo Chick Blues. Horror/Sci Fi, Intruders: The Invasion.

I’m currently working on an Urban Fantasy series that Fantasy lovers might like. Fingers crossed!

About Tracy Sharp

Tracy Sharp grew up in a small mining town in Northern Ontario, Canada, where there wasn’t much to do except dress warmly and write stories to entertain herself.

She is fond of thrilling novels, bellowing out her favorite songs in the car, iced coffee, flamethrowers and Slinkies.

She lives in Upstate NY with her family.

You can connect with her on AmazonFacebook or Twitter, or at her website: http://tracysharpthrillers.com/

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  1. Fran Friel says:

    Your work sounds marvelous, Tracy! Fun interview, Andrew.

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