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Oct 11, 2017

I’m Coming Out – Kinda

People who’ve followed me for some time know that although I write mainly non-romance, speculative fiction—fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy—I’ve also written some MM Romance. As it would happen, in 2017, the rights to my two published MM Romance stories reverted back to me. I took this as a sign.

What was my epiphany? That I needed to create a new pen name for my MM Romance. So I did. Starting now, all my romance stories will be published under the pen name Andy Gallo. (I’ve already been asked why that name – well Andrew is my real name, but most people call me Andy, and I wanted a last name with a G because – well Gordon – and my ethnicity is Italian, so Gallo fit.)

Here’s “Andy’s” first post. If you’re of a mind, click, read and follow:


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So why the split? For a while I’d been contemplating separating my speculative fiction from my MM Romance. I’ve more than a few readers who don’t like romance. I’m not sure having them both under the same pen name makes sense. I don’t want my speculative fiction readers who dislike romance to think all my spec fic will have romance in them. Nor do I want people who like their romance without much spec fic, to think I don’t write contemporary romances.

By creating “safe zones” for each genre, it will cultivate a stronger following for each. And I’m able cross promoting some with each pen name.

Now the extra work is a bit of a bugger, but I’m going to give it a try.

Interestingly enough, on the eve of when I planned to announce the new pen name I read this article.

Author Pen Names: 5 Reasons they’re a Bad Idea in the Digital Age by Anne R. Allen

Anne makes a lot of good points and it did give me more than a moment of pause, but for me, I think I lose people because they can’t decide what I’m writing. For those who like both genres, you can follow both of me. Or you can pick one because there will be links to the other ‘me’ on both sites.

As for why now? (Un)Masked is being re-released on October 30th. Either I did it now or I’d never be able to separate myself. More on the return of (Un)Masked in a few days.




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