Aug 18, 2017

Friday Musings

The last seven days have been unsettling to say the least. Starting with the events in Charlottesville, the response by that guy in the White House (all three contradictory and confusing ones), Barcelona and now Finland. I was listening to this song to get in a more positive mood:


Change will only come if enough of us want it and are willing to stand up for it.  What I was willing to ride out when I wasn’t a parent, I need to change now that I’m a parent. I look at my daughter and the carefree way she sees the world and I worry. What will be left when she’s my age? Will there be anything left? There is nothing good about culture or society that is built upon hate. Nothing. The future must be better for our children. It’s our obligation to work for that reality.  It’s my obligation to ‘lil q. (And now for the gratuitous cute kid picture.)

In writing news – Book Five in the Champion of the Gods series – When Heroes Fall – is almost done.  This week I passed the 150K word mark. I have another 18K written that needs fixing and I figure I have another 15-20K to finish it write.  End of August?  Fingers crossed. But since I don’t think I shared this before, here is a trailer for Child of Night and Day:


Did you know Books 1-3 in the series are Amazon August Kindle deals and on sale? Yep, all three are $1.99, and not just at Amazon. DSP Publications is matching the price everywhere, so if you’re missing a volume, now is a good time to buy them. (Click the picture and you will be taken to The Last Grand Master on Amazon)

And with that, I’ll stop.  Have a great weekend!


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