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May 01, 2017

Running the Bases With Meg Cowley

Running the Bases’ guest this week is Meg Cowley. Meg is an indie author and illustrator living in Yorkshire, England with her husband and two cats Jet and Pixie.

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Let’s go out in the field and toss a few questions to Meg.

  • We see you’ve read from an early age and are an educator. Therefore, what fantasy/science fiction book would you recommend for children?

It would have to be Harry Potter. That was one of the most influential pieces of literature I read growing up, because I was roughly the same age as Harry, Ron and Hermione when the books and films were released. I really related to the characters, and I could absolutely imagine myself being whisked away to Hogwarts! For children and adults alike, it’s a magical adventure full of brilliant life lessons.

  • What’s one thing readers should know about your book, The First Crown.

The First Crown is the prequel to my main series Books of Caledan, set 1,000 before the main trilogy. It was a ton of fun to write. The one thing to know would be: if you like magic and dragons (and perhaps rampaging elementals too), you’ll love this story! It’s a typical epic fantasy.

  • As an illustrator, does your art influence your writing, and does your writing influence your art?

To some degree. I find it very hard to balance the two, because they are both so important to me. I find one dominates the other at times; they’re both time consuming interests!

Right now, I am primarily focusing on writing. My illustration efforts are refocused to support my fantasy genre writing; by creating book cover designs, and planning fantasy related artwork. My art however, very rarely influences my writing.

  • We see you also like to invent languages. Would you please share one of your sentences and its English translation?

Absolutely! Here is my all time fave chunks of ‘Eldartongue’ from the Books of Caledan series. It’s based on a mix of Old Norse and modern Scandinavian tongues, with some other European languages thrown in here and there. I use mainly English/Germanic grammar conventions for this tongue.

Storr andas, ia kaskea uan att aslura, inge flytte, inge tenkir, inge endra, ja inge eiende. Brun anda Bahr, ia sinuar uan nedan isen ja foss. Ia sinuar uan yta detthe, mina ethera, a ethera ro mina Eldarkin, a jarn ro ungrkin, ja a styrkr ro dragonkin, asti a lok ro timi!

Great spirits, I command you to sleep, unmoving, unthinking, unchanging, and unyielding. Fire Spirit Bahr, I bind you under ice and water. I bind you with this, my energy, the energy of my kin, the iron of man, and the strength of dragonkin, until the end of time!









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