Apr 03, 2017

Running The Bases With Paul Francois

Running the Bases’ guest this week is Paul Francois.  Paul is an IT professional whose love of Fantasy, Sci-Fi and Thrillers shine through in his books.

Paul’s newest book Shadowbane: Age of Aelfborn chronicles the adventure of a young warrior who is on a journey to rescue his sister and finding the mighty sword, Shadowbane, all the way.

We pitched some questions to Paul to see what makes this talented author click.

  •   What is one trick that you do to insure your stories and/or characters are fresh and unique?
Well first I try to research other published stories, so I do not use the same names. I prefer to use names that have meaning. Next I try to plan out what “quirks” each character will have and do my best to maintain that throughout the story.
  • What have you learned so far in your journey to discover which genre best suits your writing style?

I still have not settled on one genre. I still want to write a thiller and a horror, but I am really drawn to Sci-Fi and Fantasy…especially Epic Fantasy. After the Sci-Fi I am currently working on I plan to write a trilogy, but first I have to create the world and awesome graphics to support the storyline. I plan for the Epci Fantasy to be…well, Epic!

  • What are three things that you can’t do without on a daily basis?

A computer, but since my primary job that pays the bills is in IT, I always have one or more around. Something to take notes, preferably digitally, since I need to jot down these thoughts that come spilling out of my gourd. And last, but certainly not least, my wife. I know you asked for “things” but some people in life are critical to how we live and breathe, and she is such a person.

  • Describe the perfect computer setup to write stories.

Mine would have to be a laptop in a deluxe treehouse perched atop a group of redwoods overlooking a river, or creek.




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