Apr 10, 2017

Running The Bases With David F. Berens

Running The Bases’ guest this week is David F. Berens. David is a fantasy and tennis author.

  • What’s the silliest writing idea you’ve had–that worked!?

This first and maybe silliest idea that turned into a really great sequence in Dragon Reign is the idea of using a really simple spell to turn a Red Dragon pink! It was so fun to explore how this enraged the dragon and removed the fear of the dragon from our heroes. It also became a hook to turn this dragon into an ally with the mage who turned him pink at the end of the book – which becomes a significant plot point in the sequel.

  • We see you’re a tennis pro, how does that impact or influence your writing?

Besides writing fantasy fiction, I’m also working on a thriller and I have two books that are “non-fiction” tennis books. Break Point – 9 Life Lessons from the Tennis Court and Keep It Simple (Tennis) Students – The Only 5 Strategies for Doubles You Will Ever Need.

Writing these books gave me some insight into the clarity and brevity of my writing. With non-fiction, making the setting sound beautiful and jump off the page is not the main goal, but rather the ease with which your reader gets your point.

  • What are 3 of your favorite fantasy books or movies/TV?

It’s tough not to list obvious ones here. I love the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. I watch Game of Thrones. I tried to read them, but I got turned off those waiting so long for the next books to come out! I also love the original Dragonlance series and the Wheel of Time series. I come back to those often.

  • What book would you suggest readers try of yours first?

Dragon Reign is the obvious choice for lovers of fantasy as it is the first of The One Prophecy series. The audiobook is currently in production and it is so well produced that it has ignited my passion to continue the series. I’m excited to see where these characters take me!

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