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Jan 10, 2015

First Update of 2015

Ten days into January already. Wow. {{Shakes head.}} The start of the new year sets off a flurry of activity, be it at work, the gym, blogging, writing or publishing.  Everyone seems to have boundless energy to ‘start’ over. In some ways it’s really odd because January 1st isn’t really any different than December 18th, August 28th, June 5th or April 10th. They’re all Thursdays. And yet, an overwhelming number of new goals kicked on January 1st.  Far more than any other day I guess.

Yep, I’m part of that too, I reckon. Aside from the perpetual goals of exercise more, eat better and drink coffee and more water, I added a couple writing/author goals.  Happily I’m doing well on my writing/author goals.  (To be fair, I already exercise regularly, I eat pretty well, but I’m struggling with the coffee/water thingy.)

First, as many readers of my blog know, Dreamspinner Press has created a new imprint (division, line of books, area of focus- whatever) called DSP Publications.  They’re going to publish LGBT fiction that is not romance focused. So instead of trying to fit what is primarily a Fantasy/Sci-fi/Mystery/Historical/etc with a minor gay romance subplot into the Romance genre, DSP Publications is going to market these books as Fantasy/Sci-fi/Mystery/Historical/etc with a minor romance subplot.  DSP Publication is republishing the works of about 30 of their Dreamspinner authors whose books fit the new focus and marketing them in more genre specific channels. To my surprise and delight, my books were chosen to be released.

Here’s a link to the shiny new site that opened 12/1/14: http://www.dsppublications.com

So here’s how the new imprint affects me:

The Last Grand Master

The Last Grand Master

The Last Grand Master – Champion of the Gods Book 1 -Re-release:

On February 10, 2015, The Last Grand Master will be re-released by DsP Publications.  If you’ve not read it yet and are interested in buying a copy, it’s out of print right now until the re-release date. But you can pre-order it now on the DsP Publication site.

Pre-Order eBook:

Look for a blog tour starting sometime in February.





First LoveFirst Love – A Champion of the Gods Story

In preparation for the re-release of Book 1, I wrote a short prequel dealing with and even ten years prior to when The Last Grand Master begins. This is going to be a free story from DSP Publications and it will be available for download on January 27, 2015. I’ve been given permission by DSP Publication to create a paperback version on Createspace and that will be available starting January 27, 2015, as well.  If you want a paperback copy, that is only going to be available for purchase. (Although I may have a few to give away.)



The Eye and the Arm – Champion of the Gods Book 2 (No cover art yet)

The long (too long?) awaited release of Book 2 is finally set. April 14, 2015 is the release date for The Eye and The Arm.  I’ll have more details in a month or so, but I’m super excited (Obviously) that Book 2 is almost ready for release.  It’s been a long time coming. This time there won’t be a long delay between books. I’ve got the rough draft of Book 3 completed (there is even an excerpt at the end of The Eye and the Arm).  What’s more, Book 2 will have an index of names and places.  I think it’s been worth the wait so I hope everyone else does to.


Purpose: Re-release:

I’ll be honest, I was really disappointed with how well Purpose did (or didn’t really) do.  It never seemed to get the traction I’d hoped for and expected.  (I’m sure expectations aren’t ever realistic, but I had high hopes for this book have a bit more appeal than it did.)  DSP Publications is going re-release Purpose on October 6, 2015 (tentatively).  That alone is worth the update post. 🙂


Blog events:

For 2015, one of my goals is to do more guest posts.  January is off to a good start with several guest posts already posted. But starting January 13, 2015 I’m going to have a guest interview every Tuesday. Some weeks there will be more than one interview but every Tuesday I plan to have a colleague come by and introduce themselves and their work to everyone who reads my blog.

Anyone interested in being a guest should email me. I’m happy to accommodate all requests to come be a guest!

Here is a tentative schedule for the next few weeks (Tentative in that I may be adding more guests along the way.)


January 13—Nephy Hart – Interview

January 14—Cooper Davis – Interview

January 15—My guest post on Prism Book Alliance

January 20—Shira Anthony Interview

January 22—Anyta Sunday Guest Post

January 27—Rick R. Reed Interview

January 28—Elizabeth Noble Interview

January 28—My guest post on Love Bytes


February 3—Rhys Ford Interview

February 5—SJD Peterson Interview

February 10—Lynn West Interview

February 11—Lane Hayes Interview

February 17—Brandilyn Carpenter Interview





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