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Jan 01, 2015

2015: A Look Ahead

As far as year went, 2014 was a pretty good one in the Gordon household. I didn’t win the lottery, write a best seller, buy a stock that went through the roof, discover the cure for war, sickness, poverty or any of the other things that plaque our lives, but still. I’m healthy,  employed at a job I don’t hate (I can’t go so far as to say I love my work, because, let’s be serious, if I won the lottery, I’d quit before the hour was out), ‘lil q is growing up happy, I’m married to the man I love, I have a great family and circle of friends and I’m content.1412060733_new_year_2015_hd_wallpaper

2015 however is upon us, so I’m going to take part in that time honored effort in futility and post some goals (some of you might call them resolutions though I shy away from that word) for the coming year. Some will be easy to complete, some will be long term projects, and others will fall under the, ‘boy, it would be nice to actually do this’ category. So with that here we go:

Write More: This is going to be a long term project, but I need to be more consistent and diligent about writing. If I can get into a groove, I think I can do more in ’15 than in ’14. As part of this I want to get back to doing a consistent weekly post on the Free Fiction Friday group. More to come on this in the days and weeks to come.

Lose 20 pounds: Okay, so I know more than a few of you are going to roll your eyes and say I don’t need to lose weight, but three things, 1) I’m well above what I weighted when I met Mike 20 years ago, 2) I’ve other goals to come where this will be helpful and 3) I want to be able to keep up with ‘lil q as she grows up. Being in shape will go a long way to keeping that goal.

Blog More Consistently: This is an area that was rather successful the last two years. I’ve gone from almost no visitors to averaging over 750 unique visitors a month. What I’ve not done so well this year is be as consistent as I could. I’m going to do more and be more organized. Starting Next week I’m going to start with weekly author interviews. Anyone interested in being part of it, shoot me an email.

Run a Race: I’m not going to shoot for a marathon, but I’d like to run at least one race this year. My hope is that as ‘lil q grows up, we can do these together. Wish me luck.

Celebrate 20 Years With Mike: Okay, so this is cheating as it’s not really a goal, but I’d like to find something special for us to do this year to celebrate twenty years together.

Read More: Since I started writing, I’ve not read near as much. Once ‘lil q arrived I’ve read even less. I miss it. Time to go back and do more.

Revamp My Website: As things move forward, I think I need a more professional look. DSP Publications is re-releasing The Last Grand Master in Feb ’15. In April they are going to publish Book II, The Eye and the Arm. DSP Publications is going to promote there books to a wider audience, that is, not just MM Romance. I think I need to update my look.

Take A More Professional Approach To Writing And Marketing: This goes hand in glove with the last one. In addition to a more professional website, I think I need to get some help marketing my books and my brand. One of the advantages of working and writing (and let’s be honest, there are NOT many advantages to trying to do both) is that I still have the means to invest in my future. Right now I don’t need to money from writing to support myself – in truth I’m not sure I’ll ever get to the point where writing is my full time day job. I also hope to retire in a few years and once that happens I won’t have the same amount of disposable income to spend on my writing. The time to do this is now, and with DSP Publications marketing my books in a new direction, now is the time.

See More Baseball Games: Yep, I know, some of think baseball is boring. Got it. I disagree, can’t we leave it at that? No? Hmm. Well some of my best memories as a kid were of going to baseball games with my dad and my grandfather. ‘lil q likes going to the Bowie Baysox games (the Orioles Minor League team near the house). Admittedly that is largely due to the carousel, cotton candy, funnel cakes and music, but in time she’ll remember the game as well. More than that, it is something Mike and both enjoy so this is a great family event.

I think those are enough. I’ve got a lot on my plate trying to keep up with ‘lil q, work, write and spend time with the family. These ought to keep me busy for the year and beyond.


  1. Anyta says:

    Awesome goals for 2015! All I can say is you are super organized as it is–go you!
    Ha! Love the run pic–that has my name all over it. 😉

    And I agree that Baseball is a great family sport–I miss not having that in Berlin!

    You have a wonderful, beautiful family, and I wish you the best for this year! 😀

    • Mike and I have plans to run the local Azalea Classic in our town this spring, not sure how we can both do it unless we get a sitter, but that is the plan.

      I miss you being in the ‘area’ as well, but it gives me motivation to come to Berlin for the first time. 🙂

      Have a wonderful 2015 as well 🙂

  2. lilyvelden says:

    LOL happy to be your nag….. oops I mean coach to keep you on track, Mr Gordon!

  3. Give A Rush says:

    You have a very beautiful family and that little princess is adorable! I love your enthusiasm in life and I hope all your goals and wishes are met. Much love, Andy.

    • Thanks Rush. I hope to see more of you in the coming year and next time I’ll bring ‘lil q so you can meet her in person. You’ve been along from the start so it’s about time. 🙂

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