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Nov 17, 2014

Undercover Addiction, by Hayley B. James – New Release and Giveaway

Today I get to welcome Hayley B. James back to my blog.  Hayley has a new release Undercover Addiction and she is kicking off her blog tour today by introducing us to her main characters.  There is a giveaway so be sure to read through to the end to enter.

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Thank you Andrew for having me today. I’ll be visiting a few blogs during the Undercover Addiction tour. Today I want to talk about the leading characters in Undercover Addiction (A Secret Sin novel) and get to know them a bit.

Connor Bishop loves his job as an undercover detective with the Seattle PD Vice Squad. He worries he enjoys it a bit too much, but that doesn’t stop him from venturing into dangerous territory as his undercover alias, Caleb. He holds no greater belief that his job will make the world a better place, but he has fun earning his paycheck. When he meets Riley, his personal line between good and evil is blurred.

Riley Drapeau doesn’t know the name given to him at birth, and has only vague memories of his childhood. His history could be true or a fabrication to persuade Connor’s view of him. Riley’s reputation is incredible cruelty among his peers, but Connor catches a glimpse of a caring and gentle side—a side that wants change. However, Riley excels at deception and makes it known that he wants to play mind games with Connor. Before the end, his lies and truths blend too closely together for even himself to decipher.

Together the trust between them is iffy, but Connor knows his chance of surviving the case is slim if he doesn’t believe Riley will support him. Their physical relationship concerns Connor, but he can’t help but desire the private moments with Riley—the only time he catches a glimpse of the human beneath the monster façade.

These two were a lot of fun to write. They have veiled conversations, aggravated banter (mostly on Connor’s side), and an unspoken understanding of each other that made their interactions among my favorite. Connor is someone who pretends to be a monster to survive his assignments, and Riley is someone who pretends to be more of a monster in order to survive his life.



Working Vice for the Seattle PD, Connor Bishop’s favorite part of the job is going undercover. His current assignment is to get close to Riley Drapeau, a human trafficker backed into a corner by the FBI and turned informant. Connor needs to milk him for information on his organization, but while doing so, sees an entirely different Riley than he expected.

Caught off balance, Connor relies heavily on Lucas, his outside man and only link to the real world, but he gets sucked in by Riley and his attempt to clear his name and prove his partners fabricated evidence to frame him.

Up to his eyeballs in the dark world of trafficking, Connor finds it easier to believe Riley than what the FBI is saying, especially when a leak is uncovered within the Bureau. The choices Connor has to make become even more difficult when Lucas admits he has feelings for him and promises a safe life far from harm. But Connor can’t deny the only man he wants to be with is Riley. Which forces him to decide if his addiction to the dangerous side of life can include loving a criminal.


Connor found it easy to walk among monsters, but he knew he could never be exactly like Riley and August. While he accepted the existence of their type of evil, it remained too difficult to comprehend their actions. Taking away an innocent life and then sleeping soundly with the memory remained too far out of his realm of understanding.

“What happened in your life to make you sell humans for profit?”

Riley laughed for longer than Connor found appropriate. He caught his breath, wiped his eyes, and faced Connor. “You and I are not from the same world, Connor. You probably grew up with people who loved you. You were showered with praise at home and school. And at night you slept with a sense of security.”

“Are you using a bad childhood as an excuse? Because I’ve seen people better their lives. A tough beginning does not excuse this level of cruelty in adulthood.”

Riley studied Connor. He nodded slowly and looked at his hands. “I was taught human life is a commodity. It isn’t much different from selling a product made with cheap labor. Those workers endure long, arduous hours for little pay. Yet no one arrests the CEO who approves utilizing abhorrent work conditions to increase profits.”

“You actually believe assembly line laborers earning a measly paycheck to feed their families are the same as trafficked victims pumped full of drugs to form an addiction to ease forced prostitution?”

Riley sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. “If we’re going to argue levels of hell, I’ll need another cup of coffee.”

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Hayley B. James will be touring through different blogs – the tour schedule is mentioned below. Follow this blog tour and leave your thoughts to her posts in order to increase your chances of winning!

Contest Deadline Date: 23rd November, 2014

Tour Schedule:

17th Nov. – Andrew Q. Gordon’s “The Land of Make Believe”

18th Nov. – GGR-Reviews & http://mmgoodbookreviews.wordpress.com/

19th Nov. – Prism Book Alliance

20th Nov. – The Blogger Girls & Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews

21st Nov. – Love Bytes Reviews

22nd Nov.- The Novel Approach

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