May 14, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Second Shot – The Senior Year – 31

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Second Shot – The Senior Year: Chapter 31


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The sheet settled around them as Peter stretched his body on top of Jason’s. He slowly kissed around Jason’s face until their lips met. Jason put his hands on Peter ass and ground their naked bodies tighter. Pressed together, the hairs on Peter’s chest tickling his skin, which only fanned his need to get close.

After almost two years together, he’d learned Peter liked to control how they kissed. Since it felt amazing, Jason didn’t object. Tonight Peter kissed him hard, with an urgency that hinted that he might want to be on top. If Peter did want to switch things up a bit and fuck him, Jason knew from their lip lock that he’d be in for a rough ride.

For a moment he considered asking Peter to wait a day. The morning after a night when Peter got in the mood to fuck hard always left Jason more than a bit sore. Much as he liked the feeling—it was a daylong reminder of the night before—it gave him a perpetual hard on the entire day. His schedule for tomorrow made that a bad idea.

His intended protest died as Peter deepened their kiss and Jason’s entire body tingled. Tomorrow’s schedule didn’t matter. Wiggling his body, Jason moved until he’d positioned Peter between his legs.

Peter broke their kiss, but immediately move to nip at Jason’s ear. “Someone’s in a mood tonight.”

Sliding his right leg up, Jason licked around Peter’s ear and whispered, “That makes two of us.

Peter thrust upward, running their hard-ons against each other. Combined with their lips reconnecting, Jason writhed under his boyfriend’s body. When Peter pinched Jason’s nipple, he moaned loudly and bucked upward.

Reaching over, he couldn’t reach the drawer on the nightstand. Unable to get a condom on lube without breaking contact, he pulled back to catch his breath. “I want you, now.”

“Yeah?” Peter kissed him roughly for an instant. “Right now?”

“Now!” He twisted toward the small table, but Peter pushed him back.

“I’ll get it.” The words came out in a near growl as he leaned to his right. As he pulled open the drawer, the front door opened and slammed shut.

“Shit.” He could feel his mood deflating fast. “Did you lock our door?”


Jason could hear the annoyance in his boyfriend’s voice as Dean stomped up the stairs. Part of him hoped Dean would respect their privacy, but he didn’t expect consideration from his brother when he was mad. And from the sound of things, Dean was pissed.


“Not now, Dean!” He said it loud enough that Dean should’ve heard him.

Peter started to move, but Jason held on to him. If Dean barged in, tough shit on what he saw.

“Jason!” The call was closer. He heard his brother turn the knob and watched the door swing open.

Calm as he’d tried to be at Dean’s interruption, he couldn’t hold back. “Get the fuck out!”

Even with Peter mostly on top of him, he could see Dean step back when he shouted. He rarely yelled, but this went too far.

“Dean, I swear, if you’re not out of here in two seconds, I’m going to kick the shit out of you and send you home on a stretcher.”

Dean turned his head back the way he came. “We need to talk.”

The door slammed and Jason heard his brother storm down the stairs. So much for his mood. One glance at Peter’s face and he knew he wasn’t alone. “After I deal with this, any chance we can pick up where we left off?”

“I can’t say for sure.” He gave Jason a quick kiss and rolled to his right. “But I’ll be happy to see what happens when we try.”

* * *

After taking a minute to get dressed, Jason padded his way barefoot toward the kitchen. Dean sat at the table, a glass of water in front of him.

“That was so not right, Dean.”

“Oh and what you two did was any better?”

“Going on the offensive doesn’t work. You walk into our room like that again and I’ll let Pete kick your ass up and down the stairs, then we’ll kick you out of the house.”

“You can’t kick me out, Dad owns the house.”

“Trust me, Dean. You don’t want to test me. I’ve kept you here since the semester started by not narc’in on you to mom and dad. Do you really want to dare me?”

“Fine.” The anger smoldered in his eyes, but Jason didn’t care if Dean seethed.

“Now about tonight…”

“Yeah, tonight.” Dean shook his head. “Talk about so not right.”

“I told you we were going to dinner.” The longer he dragged it out, the harder it was to pivot to what he really wanted to say.

“And you just had to picked the same place as us?”

“Pete’s sister is the manager and he knows practically everyone who works there.”

When his brother’s expression lost some of it’s bite, guilt slithered around Jason’s stomach.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.”

“And…” he let out a small sigh. This needed to come out and it made no sense to let Dean get over his anger only to piss him off again. “We wanted to see Hanna’s reaction to us without her expecting to meet us.”

Dean shot out of his chair. “I knew you two were spying on us! I just knew it!”


“I can’t believe you did that.”

“Darryl told me what happened.”


“He told me how she reacted to seeing Blake and Ethan. We…I wanted to see what she’d do when she saw us holding hands.”

Dean stared at the ceiling in the direction of Jason’s room. “Pete put you up to this, didn’t he?”

“No, it was my idea, he just helped us pull it off.”

“That’s so crap of D’mon to tell you. I thought we were friends.”

“You are, but he and I are…” He almost said, “like brothers,” but didn’t think that would go over well. “We’re tight like that. He was watching out for Pete and me. Especially after what Jordan did.”

“Hanna is so not…”

“She failed, Dean.”


“She failed. The moment she saw us holding hands, her face scrunched up and she shot daggers at us both. She didn’t lighten up until she found out I was your brother.”

“Hanna would never do anything like what Jordan did.”

That hit on the only reason Jason felt good about what they did. “I didn’t think Jordan was a bad guy either.”

“He was a total douche. You never saw it because he never let it show around you.”

“Exactly. See anything you recognize?” He stared at his brother, hoping he’d connect the dots on his own. If he had to spell it out, Dean would fight the truth.

Dean’s eyes seemed distant and his mouth moved like he was talking something through. After a couple seconds, he sat down and avoided Jason’s gaze.

“Tonight she got her second yellow card, bro. Don’t be the fool that I was. Be smarter.”

Slowly Dean turned toward him. When their eyes met, Jason shrugged and turned to go back to bed. If Dean didn’t work it out himself, things were going to get ugly—fast. He hoped it wouldn’t get to that, but he also knew how hard it was to grasp the truth when you didn’t want to see.

He sighed as his foot touched the cool wood of the first stair. There was no way he would get back to the same mood he’d been in before Dean came home.


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