Apr 16, 2014

Wednesday Briefs: Second Shot – The Senior Year – 28

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Staring into his closet, Jason realized how long it had been since he and Peter had gone on a real date. Sure they’d gone out alone, but nothing like a real dress up date in months. Sadly this date wouldn’t be only about them.

“You going to decide what to wear some time tonight, Soccer Boy?” Peter’s use of that old nick-name made Jason smile.

“It’s not every day I get a date with a really hot guy. Can you blame me for wanting to look good?”

“You don’t need to put on clothes for that, you look really good already.”

“I’m not sure, but I think we won’t get seated for dinner if I show up in jut my white boxer-briefs.”

“Yeah, but your ass and legs make them look amazing.” Peter moved closer and slipped his hands around Jason’s waist. Pulling gently he brought their bodies together and rested his head on Jason’s right shoulder. “I’ll bet they look just as good from the front.”

Peter’s warm breath tickled Jason’s ear and had an instant effect. “If you keep that up, we won’t have to worry about what the restaurant thinks.”

Reaching around, Peter squeezed his boyfriend’s already hard cock and then stepped back. “Save it for when we get home.”

“That’s so not fair.” He tried to adjust himself, but it didn’t help. “You make us go out tonight and then after getting me worked up, you tell me to save it for later”

“I like knowing I have an effect on you.” He stood next to Jason and selected a white shirt with red and blue stripes. “Here, wear this. It looks good on you.”

“Have I ever not reacted to you?” Removing the shirt from the hanger, Jason put it on.

“Not a single time since we met, but it’s still always nice to see it happen.” Peter leaned over and kissed Jason’s cheek. “Does it help if I’m in the same state myself?”

“Not really, but you’re right, it is nice to know I still have an effect on you.”

“Mhmm, Soccer Boy, and you always will.”

The discussion wasn’t helping him ‘go down.’ “Are you sure we need to go? Can’t we go out ourselves and talk to Dean tomorrow?”

“I won’t push you into going, Jase, but we’ll get a more honest reaction if we show up unannounced.”

“We can go.” He knew Peter’s idea made sense, but pretending to meet Dean and Hanna at the restaurant ‘by accident’ didn’t totally sit well with him. First he expected Dean to get mad. But the bigger problem was what would happen if Hanna didn’t react well.

“Don’t sound so excited.”

Grabbing a pair of navy pants, he turned to face his boyfriend. With his khakis and pale blue oxford, Peter made it very difficult for Jason to want to leave. “Have I mentioned how good you look dressed up?”

He wiggled his eyes for effect.

“Every time I wear something even kinda dressy.” He winked and sat on the edge of the bed. “But that doesn’t answer why you don’t sound excited.”

Slipping the belt through the loops of his pants, Jason picked up his socks and joined Peter on the bed. “I’m not sure I’m going to say this right, but here goes. Let’s say she doesn’t like me–us–and then let’s suppose Dean decides to keep dating her, then what?”

The smile on Peter’s face disappeared. “Then you have a talk with your brother and explain things to him.”

“Explain what? That his girlfriend isn’t very gay friendly?”

“C’mon, Jase. You know that isn’t what I mean.”

“I know, but that’s my point.” He took a deep breath and stared at the hardwood floors. “I don’t think that just because he keeps dating her, I need to get mad at him.”

“Of course you do!” Peter got up. “This is not like him telling you he doesn’t like pepperoni pizza. You’re his brother, he needs….”

“Calm down, Pete.” Jason grabbed his boyfriend’s hand and pulled him back down. “You act like Dean’s already done something.”

After staring at Jason for a second, Peter started to laugh. “Okay, fair enough.”

He rubbed Peter’s hand before letting it go. “Hopefully it won’t come to that. I’d rather not go there with the mindset that we’re there to confirm something. Let’s just go have dinner with them and see.”

“But if it does happen, you can’t just let it go.”

“I don’t see it that way–”


“–let me finish.” He waited until Peter nodded to continue. “I know Dean. Even if she’s not gay friendly, that’s not going to turn my brother against me. I guess at some point he’d need to make a choice, but for now, I don’t think I need to make a big deal of this. If it happens, I think fairly soon he’ll figure it out and do the right thing. She won’t be welcome here, the team, well most of the team, won’t welcome her or him if she’s with him. My parents won’t be happy and I know my grandparents won’t want her in their house for Christmas or any other holiday. My point is that if we force him to dump her, he may or may not do it, but if he does, he’ll resent me – and more specifically you. But if he figures it out on his own, well….”

Jason shrugged, hoping he made sense. When he glanced over, Peter appeared deep in thought. One thing he’d learned in the almost two years they’d been dating, Peter needed time to work it through himself. Saying more at this point wouldn’t help.

Finally Peter nodded and met Jason’s anxious gaze. “Okay, I get it. I don’t totally agree with you, but I understand. But just so I’m clear, if Hanna isn’t gay friendly, she isn’t welcome here or anywhere else we go, right?”

“Pretty much. I mean she won’t be welcome at the house and while we don’t usually give out invitations to dinner meet ups or parties, we can make it clear to Dean he and his girlfriend aren’t welcome.”

Peter smiled again and took Jason’s hand in his. “Now that we’ve settled that, where was I? Oh, yeah. I remember.”

When Peter tried to slide a hand onto Jason’s crotch, he stood up. “No way! I just calmed down. Save for when we get home.”

“Oh, I will, Soccer Boy.’ Peter winked at him again. “Count on it.”


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