My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – 9

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 9

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Nicholas tried to speak, but Alex cut him off. “And how come every time I have a date with Austin, you show up with urgent news?”

“Your uncle wants you to go back to your room.” He turned as soon as he started to speak. “He says it’s safer with the wards activated.”

“Duncan can kiss a helcor’s testicles.” Alex didn’t need any more reasons to dislike his uncle. “And what? Did you leap at the chance to be the one who got to tell me?”

Nicholas’ eyes narrowed and his jaw clenched for an instant. The look faded almost instantly. “Contrary to what you think, I take no pleasure interfering in your courtship.”

“It’s called a date, Nicholas. No one but you calls it a courtship.” Alex paused for a moment as two guests left the diner. When they’d move far enough away, he turned his focus back on his guardian. “Forget it. Tell my uncle I’m not going back until I’m ready. In fact, tell him if I can get lucky, I hope to sleep at Austin’s place tonight.”

“That would be most ill-advised Alex.” The condescending tone irked Alex more than the words. “Your uncle and cousin have been sent to watch you, going to Austin’s would only create a very awkward situation for you.”

“For them, you mean.”

“No, for you.” Nicholas tensed and scanned the area to the left of the diner. “Your cousin is coming. If you don’t want to create a scene, you should rethink your position.”

Part of him knew he was wrong, but the rest of him that wanted everyone to leave him alone won the moment.

“Why can’t they leave me alone? I think you and I can handle one helcor without an entourage.”

A hint of a smile threatened to undermine Nicholas’ stern visage. “I’m touched you feel that confident in my abilities, but if this helcor has targeted you, we need to be very careful.”

“I can be careful without cowering in my room.” Alex crossed his arms over his chest.

“Nicholas.” Donovan’s voice caused him to turn around. “Let me talk to my cousin.”

There had only been rare times that Nicholas looked undecided about anything, but Alex could see it now. Then again, Alex continued to keep his issues with Donny private.

“You can go, Nicholas, I’ll be fine.”

Nicholas’ penetrating stare did nothing to shake Alex’s resolve. That seemed to satisfy the angel as he nodded twice and walked away.

“So,” Alex turned toward his cousin. “Why now? Why do I have to leave right now?”

“Your father sent word that his intelligence chief said the evidence shows this demon is specifically after you.”

“We knew that already. Why else would he send you to guard me.”

“I was sent because they suspect you might be the target. We got confirmation today.” The inflection in his voice told Alex his cousin took the threat serious. “You need to go back to your room until we hunt him down.”

“No way. Last date I had with Austin, you and Duncan showed up and I had to cut things short. I’m not doing that tonight.” He noted the disapproving look and changed tactics. “C’mon, Donny. This is the first guy I’ve really liked since….”

Donovan flinch even without Alex completing the sentence.

“Sorry. I didn’t mean it like that, but please, not this time. Don’t make me leave now. Nicholas is more than capable of warning me before this thing can get within a hundred feet.”

The look on Donovan’s face reminded Alex of when they were younger and his cousin would agree to something he didn’t think was a good idea. Alex toyed with the idea of saying he’d go, but couldn’t bring himself to agree.

“Give me a minute to talk to my father.” Donovan turned without waiting for Alex to respond.

* * *

Austin’s phone rang as they reached his apartment. He hesitated for an instant, than reached into his pocket.

“That’s my parent’s ring, do you mind?”

“Please, after all the family drama I’ve had, I feel like I owe you more than a few of your own.”

Austin kissed him on the cheek. “Let’s hope my drama isn’t like yours.”

The kiss had its usual affect on Alex, but he didn’t get a chance to return the favor.

“Hello?. . . .Yes, sir. . . . Yes. . . .Of course, sir. . . .Yes, I completely understand. . . . Did you want me to call and tell them or do you want to?”

Austin gave him a pained looked and a shrug. When he mouthed the word ‘sorry,’ Alex smiled, but kept quiet. He knew he sounded the same way when talking to his father.

“It would be easier if you made the call, but if….Yes, sir. Thank you. . . . I’ll call you tomorrow. . . .Bye.”

He stared at the phone for a moment before he slid it back into his left pant pocket. “Sorry. He um…has a bit of a commanding presence. Now you know why I left home.”

“No need to apologize. I’ve been on the receiving end of those calls before.”

Giving Alex a conspiratorial smile, Austin found the key to his door. “Haven’t we all.”

Austin flicked the light switch as he led Alex into his apartment. It had the standard couch, small round table and chairs in the corner, and crate that doubled as a stand for the small flat screen television that Alex expected. The prints on the wall and the two plants, however, made it feel so much more grown up than his dorm.

“It’s not much, but I like it.”

“Are you kidding, this is great. How’d you score a place like this with no roommate?”

“I like my privacy and since I have a full scholarship, I convinced my parents to let me spend some of my college fund on my own apartment.”

“That’s so cool. I’d….” Alex felt wards being activated around the apartment. He didn’t know how Donny managed to swing it, but he’d made it happen – just like he promised.

“Something wrong?” Austin stepped closer into Alex’s personal space.

“Nope.” He watched Austin lean closer. When they broke their kiss, he whispered. “Not anymore.”

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  1. I know most folks don’t read the comments nor do they leave comments, but I figured I’d try and see if I get any feedback – I’m thinking of writing a bit of a sex scene either next or the one after. I don’t normally write sex scenes, but if folks would like to see one between these two, well I suppose I could be persuaded to give the audience what they want. 🙂

    • Hwy I always read comments. I wonder why people usually don’t leave comments….it’s liek you’re giving a presentation and the audience doesn’t react. You tap the mic and ask “hey is this thing on?” oops I’m off topic.

      So why don’t you usually write sex scenes?

      I’d say at some point there needs to be a sex scene to close teh loop on this courtship but then I suppose that would conflict with the title, no?

      I’m not being helpful, am I?

      • Nah you’re helpful. My thoughts were it does need something to close that loop, and no I think we’ve established that Nicholas has already been something of a cockblock already. Eventually Alex is going to put his foot down and assert himself.

        I have a host of reasons for not writing them – I’m much more of a set the table and you make your own kinda person. That and I’m hesitant to leave a paper trail my kid(s) will one day look up and then wonder – hmm is that what daddy and papa did/do? I think people assume most authors will write the MC getting things the way they the author would want if they were the MC. So I’ve been happier to leave them out and let folks guess what happens. 😀

        Last I think sex scene rarely move the plot along – i.e. if you ditched the sex scene, would the story suffer – usually no.

        But for some reason I think this story needs some – but folks will need to wait for the explanation. The question is should it be “on screen’ or ‘off screen’? 😛

  2. jace says:

    About commenting, I usually don’t simply because other people have already said what I was thinking. However my niece informed me that I was a “lurker” and that was rude. So I am trying to chime in on occasion.

    I think whether or not you write a sex scene should be based on how you feel about it. Is it the right thing for your characters to be doing and how much do they want to share with the readers?

  3. Carolyn says:

    I’ve read your thoughts on writing sex scenes before, so I was surprised by the question, actually. Sometimes I feel like odd-woman-out as a reader because it really doesn’t matter to me one way or the other if an author puts them in. Maybe it’s because I don’t just read romance, and other genres have the romance storyline to the side that I’m used to sex happening off-screen. It just seems like there’s a very vocal population of romance readers who complain if there are no sex scenes. Or it seems that that’s the opinion I see more often if a book doesn’t go into details. I wonder if the population who didn’t care is just not as vocal. I hope you’ll do what works best for your story. I understand the desire to please your audience, but if you’re concerned about it while you write, I wonder if that feeling will translate to the reader and make the whole scene feel kind of off. Maybe not, though.

    I sure said a lot for what boils down to: Maybe you should or maybe you shouldn’t. And boy, isn’t that super helpful! 🙂

    • As you said, I have my reasons for not doing them, but I kinda think that IF I’m going to toy with them, this is a great venue to do – to avoid, just as you said, doing something for the sake of doing it and having it come off as forces, or kind of off. Also, for this story, I actually kind of see it. Of course this isn’t going to be 3000 words of penetration from every imaginable angle and way, but it will be a bit more than everything entire off screen.

      And actually your comments were very helpful – not necessarily for making a decision, but for point into words how I feel about it not being necessary to show sex for the book to be an effective romance. Well we’ll see if I strike the right balance here AND if it come across well or flat. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment.


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