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Feb 15, 2014

Swimming and Snow Day(s) (And some V-day pics too)

In an effort to give ‘lil q some exposure to things, we’ve been taking her to swimming lesson – which sadly means I have to get in the pool too.  Sunday started the new classes and when we were getting her dressed in his sweat suit we realized just how much she’s grown – I mean we see her every day so sometimes it takes something to remind us how much she’s changed.  When I looked at her, I was shocked at how much like a little girl she looked. Here take a look:

When we got home we sent grandma a message:

(That was – I’m mischievous, grandma)

As some of you know, I live in the DC area. Wednesday/Thursday of this week we had a snow storm! And while we’re not as bad as some parts further south, snow seems to bring out the chicken littles in far too many people.  No, you won’t be snowed in for days on end. Yes, the stores will get new supplies of milk, bread, eggs and even toilet paper so you do not need to rush out and buy as much of said ‘staples’ as you can carry.

The night before the ‘big storm’ we had a concert at Chateau Q:

And lest you all think it’s all fun and no learning, ‘lil q made sure to give us a lesson in the alphabet:

Thursday dawned and we woke to a blanket of snow. Yep they got it right this time. A couple weeks ago ‘lil q got her first real taste of snow. It must have made a good impression on her, because when she woke up she told me we were going to play in the snow.

This was what I call ‘good snow.’ You know, the kind that packs well. Perfect for making a snowman:

Not that this has anything to do with snow days, but I had to put in a few Valentine’s Day pictures:


  1. marlew92 says:

    She is a truly remarkable, special little girl 🙂 I clapped at her rendition of the alphabet, she is such a credit to you both, you are both so lucky to have her, and she is so lucky to have you both too. Lots and lots of love to all xxx

    • Thanks Mark, I’ll add that you had a wee bit of a hand in this, she has loved the books you’ve send, having us read them – and others – over and over. That more than anything else is what has gotten her vocabulary and peeked her curiosity about reading and the alphabet. So you can feel secure in the belief you had a hand in her upbringing.:)

  2. Sorry Andy to be so late. Have been fighting the flu…and losing unfortunately. Wonderful pics as always, and I’m so glad she loves the snow…and swimming I hope!! 🙂

  3. Anyta says:

    Beautiful!!!! What a lovely family you have!!! 🙂

  4. skylar1776 says:

    She has the monopoly on cuteness that’s for sure! Loved the adorable outfits for Valentine’s Day. Loved the song and alphabet recite. You’re both great parents; can’t fake stuff like that. And Ah, shouldn’t the snowman have a face, scarf, & hat? Come on Dad! … thanks for sharing her with us. Adorable!

    • Mike said the same thing. **Hangs head in shame.** in my lame defense, we went out without them, when it started to rain, we went inside. (Yeah it started to rain mid day) and by the time I got back to it, the rain had eaten enough of it away that it fell over. Guess I need to brush up on my Papa skills for next year 😛

  5. lilyvelden says:

    As always ‘lil q put a huge smile on my face – impossibly cute!

    And I say, let it snow all week if it means we get more cute videos and pics!!!

  6. GR says:

    So while y’all had snow on the East Coast, I left the snow in Denver and spent the weekend in Austin! Much nicer weather, but no snow people like Lil Q made, though! I threw in the “y’all” so y’all would think I picked up an accent in Texas.

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