My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – 8

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 8

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Alex noticed Nicholas watching him. He’d been silent since he’d been allowed back in the room. They glared at each other as his cousin left the room, but Nicholas never commented.

Slipping on a tee shirt, he shucked his jeans and folded them. “Are you going to speak to me again?”

“Do you want me to?” Nicholas had changed his appearance so he was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. A definite improvement over the nightshirt he wanted to wear when he first arrived.

“What’s that supposed to mean? I’m not mad at you.” He stepped into his shorts and pulled his covers back.

“You threw me out to speak to Donovan–who I might add, you looked ready to kill before I left–and you’re keeping secrets from me. What else should I expect?”

“Some things…some things are meant to be kept private, Nicholas, even from you.” He quickly slipped into bed and rolled away from the angel.

An instant later, the ethereal form appeared on the other side of the bed. “If your disagreement with Donovan threatens your safety I need to know.”

“It’s nothing like that. Donny won’t hurt me.” He rolled on his back, but Nicholas didn’t take the hint. The angel materialized directly over Alex, peering down at his charge.

“Your safety can still be compromised even if he doesn’t harm you. You need to trust and listen to him – at all times.”

“Nicholas, let it go.” Switching to his side again, he hoped his guardian wouldn’t show up again.

After several minutes, he turned toward Nicholas’ bed and found the simulated image under the covers. Too tired to check further, he closed his eyes and sank into his pillow.

* * * *

“You don’t sound happy that your uncle and cousin came to visit.” Austin used the extra-long spoon to stir his chocolate milkshake. It clinked against the sides of the old fashion metal cup. Alex always liked how the place never tried to upscale.

“My uncle’s a prat – I never liked him. He’s always so condescending.”

“Why are they even here?”

Donny and he had come up with the back story and Alex stuck to it now. “They’re down here on business. My cousin works with him now. Uncle Duncan makes a big show of ‘family’ which I guess isn’t totally an act. It’s his expectation that we’ll all rejoice at his presence that’s so annoying.”

Austin laughed and tilted the metal cup, dumping the remainder into his glass. “This place is pretty cool, how’d you find it?”

One advantage to being Quinton’s son, the local kelsin had been happy to supply him with a list of the ‘better’ places to eat. “Family friend recommended it.”

“Cool.” Austin dipped a fry into the ketchup. “Good fries too.”

Taking a bite from his burger, Alex tried to keep his mind on their date. He knew Donny and the others were around – he was reasonably sure the man and woman in the booth three down were part of the detail – and that unnerved him. But if he didn’t want Austin to find him too boring, he needed to forget they were there.

Austin had attacked his food with gusto since it arrived. The way he enjoyed his meal made Alex smile. Snagging one his fries, he continued to watch until Austin looked up.


Alex’s smile grew. “Nothing, I just like seeing you eat. You clearly like your dinner.”

“You know it, so much better than those lame places around campus.” He glanced at Alex’s plate. “What about you? Not hungry.”

He wasn’t. What little he ate already sat like a stone in his stomach. “No, I am. I’ve just been talking too much and eating too little.”

“I suppose I could help you.” Austin reached over, plucked a fry off the plate, rolled it in the ketchup and moved it closer to Alex’s mouth. Alex bit the offered food and found his smile made it hard to eat.

Austin’s playful act helped erase most of the sour taste Alex had from the intrusion into his life. It also left him visibly hard. Thankfully he remained seated.

“That’s better.” Austin sat back and from the movement of his hand, he had the same ‘condition’ as Alex. “Glad to see you can still eat.”

“Good service always helps.” Alex dismissed any idea of returning the favor. The more Austin smiled at him the ‘worse’ he got.

They ate for bit and Alex discovered he was hungry. He used the silence to push aside all the drama around him. Everything would probably blow over without any major upheaval and if he didn’t relax, all he’d achieve is he’d drive Austin away with his behavior.

“Do you have anything going on this weekend?” Alex asked when he felt a bit calmer.

“Nothing unless someone’s asking.” The coy smile sneaked out just before Austin looked at his food.

Alex wanted to play along, but couldn’t think of anything other than being straightforward. “Well, I thought if you were free we might take a drive and get away from campus. Maybe go hiking?”

“Hiking sounds great.”

He barely heard Austin’s answer as he felt Nicholas’ presence. Before he could turn around, he saw the smile drain from Austin’s face as he stared at the door behind Alex.

“Looks like your roommate knows about this place too.”

Alex let go of the table before he crushed it. He slowly turned, ready to scream. Nicholas noticed him and smiled; the fake kind he gave out when he thought it helped.

“Alex,” he said as he reached their table. “Can we talk?”

“You had to come?” Furious, he kept his hands from anything he might break. “You couldn’t call or text?”

“I did both. You didn’t answer.”

“That’s because I turned it off so I wouldn’t be disturbed on my date!” A quick glance told him Austin didn’t appreciate the interruption either. Glaring at his guardian, he said, “Just go away.”

“I really need to speak to you now.” The look in his eyes told Alex he wouldn’t leave without a scene. And that would likely bring Donovan, his uncle and everyone else.

“I’m really sorry, Austin. Can you give me a minute?”

“Sure.” Austin gave him a wink and a smile. “I’ll order dessert–for two.”

Alex grinned and winked back. “Good idea.”

Scanning the restaurant, he noted the ‘others’ sent to keep an eye on him were avoiding his gaze. The satisfaction of calling them out almost caused a lapse in control, but managed to focus on Nicholas’ back as he led the way out.

Nicholas stopped in front of Alex’s Ford Escape and before he could speak, Alex beat him to the punch.

“You’d better have a damn good reason for this.”

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  1. Carolyn says:

    You’ve got me captured with this story. Another great brief! Not that I don’t agree with everyone who would love to see a sequel to Purpose, but I’m so into this one, I want you to keep working on this!

    • Carolyn,

      No worries – this one is going to be finished before I start any thing else – new or revisited. I’ve got a few things left to play out with this before I let it go. 🙂

  2. Kazy Reed says:

    Loving this story! So glad to have discovered your work through Wed Briefs.

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