My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – 6

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 6

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“Uncle Duncan.” It took a moment for Alex to notice the two other people in the room.

Nicholas sat near his desk and the other person had his back turned, but Alex’s chest seized when he recognized him. Duncan pushed back the material of his long trench coat drawing Alex’s attention away from the others.

“Out having fun?” His uncle’s question held more sneer than interest.

“I was.” He’d thought the night couldn’t get worse, but it had. “What do you want?”

Anger flashed for an instant then quickly disappeared. “Is that how you address me?”

“Sorry, what do you want, Uncle.” He refused to use the title Duncan tried to force other to use. As the eldest son of Duncan’s older brother, Alex didn’t need to kowtow to the pompous ass.

This time his uncle couldn’t contain his ire. “Still as insolent as ever, I see. One day you’ll learn your place.”

“I know my place, I’m Quinton’s eldest son.” He might not want to take his father’s place, but it still afforded him some respect, even from his mother’s brother. “I assume your presence has something to do with the helcor.”

“Very astute. I and my team have been sent to track and kill it.” He snapped his fingers and the other kelsin moved closer. “Your cousin Donovan has been sent to guard you.”

“I don’t need a guard.” And certainly not his cousin. “He can go help you.”

When his uncle laughed, Alex raised an eyebrow. He’d expect anger, not amusement.

“Silly child–and yes, Alexander, you are still a child until you reach your majority–you do not have a say in who is here. Not me, not my team and not your guard. These orders all came from your father.”

“You can stay, uncle, but he–” Alex pointed to his cousin “–he can’t, at least not with me.”

“As I said, you do not get to decide.”

“We’ll see.” His hand shook as he reached for his phone. It took two tries to remove it from his pocket and after it came out, he glared at his cousin. Donovan’s face had lost all color.

“Go ahead, nephew, call your father. I’ll wait.”

“Father.” Donovan’s shaky voice stopped Alex from dialing. “If you could give me a moment alone with Alex, maybe we can work this out.”

“No!” Alex’s refusal caused his Uncle to turn back toward him. “I’m not talking to you. You can leave with him. I don’t want you near me.”

Duncan raised a quizzical eyebrow then looked toward his son. Following his uncle’s gaze he saw the fear–rightful fear–in Donovan’s eyes. For anyone but his cousin, Alex might have had some empathy, but not him.

“Alex, just give me a minute. Please don’t call your father.”

Staring at his cousin, he tried not to feel sorry for him. Struggled to maintain the anger he’d held onto for years. Wanted to tell him to go fuck himself. He was about to do just that when his uncle spoke.

“What’s wrong with you, boy.” He crossed the few feet between them and smacked his son on the back of the head. “His threats are meaningless.”

The snide, condescending manner Duncan displayed toward his son turned everything Alex felt for Donovan into pity.

“Well?” Duncan turned his glare onto Alex again. “Are you going to call or not?”

“Not yet.” Alex locked eyes with his cousin, hoping he hadn’t made a mistake. “I want to talk to Donovan first. Alone.”

Nicholas shifted and Alex could feel the angel staring at him. “What’s going on?”

“Nothing. I’ll tell you later.” Maybe.

“I thought…” Duncan shifted his gaze between the two cousins. “Now you want to speak? Fine, go ahead.”

Alex opened the door and took a step back. “I said alone.”

His uncle’s eyes narrowed and the muscles in his jaw twitched. Alex wanted him to say no, lash out, anything that would give him the ammunition he needed to get his father to recall him. Instead the elder kelsin continued to glare.

Anger stiffened Alex’s resolve and he refused to yield. Even his uncle couldn’t refuse to leave once he’d been told. Finally Duncan blinked and growled as he exhaled.

“Don’t think this behavior will go unreported.”  The loose fabric of his coat fluttered as he quickly left.

Donovan and Nicholas breathed a sigh, but Alex kept his rigid posture. “You too, Nicholas.”

The angel’s eyes went wide and as he tensed again. “But…”

“This is between him and me. And don’t think you can listen in, I’m going to activate the wards once you leave.”

“Is that wise? There is obviously bad blood between you two that no one was aware of. I’m sure if I informed your father, he….”

“I know what Dad would do, but you don’t need to talk to him.” He motioned with his head for Nicholas to leave. “It won’t come to that.”

Nicholas stared at Donovan, who never met the angel’s gaze. For a moment Alex didn’t think he’d go, but finally he frowned and turned away. “If you need anything….”

“Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.” The firm, confident voice reflected his feelings.

Nicholas seemed unconvinced, but quietly moved toward the door. He spared a glance back at Donovan then pulled the door closed behind him.

In touch with the wards guarding the room, Alex activated them the moment he heard the latch click shut. The spells pulsed once and he felt the warm comfort of the protection his father, mother and two angels spent hours creating when he arrived at school.

Although being sealed in the room normally comforted him, he felt anything but calm. The adrenaline coursing through his body made him jumpy. He stared at the closed door for a moment before he turned toward his cousin.

“You’ve got some balls coming here. You’re either completely stupid or incredibly arrogant.”  Alex saw Donovan wince slightly, but didn’t let it sway him. “Either way it doesn’t matter. You go on your own or I’ll call my dad.”

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