My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – 3

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My Guardian Angel Is A Cockblocker – Part 3


Alex gave up trying to hide his smile as he and Austin exited his dorm. He’d managed to change in something clean–not too dressy, but a step above ratty jeans and dirty sweatshirt. Even Nicholas refrained from making any snarky comments.

He did his best not to stare, but it proved impossible. Wearing jeans and a navy blue school hoodie, Austin set Alex’s pulse racing. The olive complexion, dark hair and sexy scruff fueled thoughts Alex knew would only embarrass him if he indulged too long. Despite the risk, he couldn’t stop thinking about the hairy chest he’d hoped to find when he finally got Austin shirtless.

The idea that he’d get Austin naked almost made him laugh. They hadn’t even had coffee together and he had plans to undress him. Still, he enjoyed looking – and hoping.

He turned to stare again and locked eyes with Austin’s perfect dark brown ones peering back. Austin flashed a big smile, his perfect white teeth catching enough streetlight that they almost glowed.

“Thanks for coming to get me.” Alex realized he was practically ogling Austin and turned forward. “I needed to get out for a bit.”

“Yeah, me too.” The sidewalk narrowed and Austin moved closer. When it widened, he didn’t move back. “Your roommate didn’t seem too friendly,”

“What? Oh, Nicholas? He’s cool, just a bit focused is all.”

Their hands brushed and it felt like Austin reached out with a finger. When they touched a second time, Alex moved his right pinky. For an instant their fingers hooked, but when a couple turned a corner in the distance and came toward them, Austin pulled back.

Alex’s moment of angst disappeared when Austin quickly closed the gap between them. When he felt Austin’s hand touch his, Alex knew that it hadn’t been an accident. He spread his fingers and welcomed the feel of Austin’s hand as it curled around his.

“How long have you been friends with Nicholas?” Austin asked. When he spoke, the couple coming toward them looked up. First the male, then the female seemed to zero in on their entwined fingers. The guy reached down and grabbed his girlfriend’s hand, never taking his eyes off the pair coming toward him.

Being a kelsin made it easy for Alex to ignore the typical threats some gay people encountered. Apart from magic, he was many times faster and stronger than humans. Humans like Austin. But revealing himself would mean he’d have to go home. Kelsin were tolerated as necessary, but that acceptance was guarded at best. His kind had decided long ago to remain hidden, appearing only when needed and then uprooting their lives to go hide anew somewhere else.

He hoped it wouldn’t come to a fight. Outside of his heavily shielded room, even the tiniest use of magic would draw unwanted attention to him. Taking a deep breath he tried to relax. Both he and Austin stood at least three inches taller than the guy, and they outnumbered him. When these facts sunk in, Alex wondered where the sudden angst came from. Another breath and he felt better. In fact he noticed the couple were smiling.

“Way to go.” The guy nodded toward them as he and his girl friend walked passed.

Alex remembered Austin’s question as he tried to clear his mind. “Um… Nicholas…I’ve known him my entire life.”

“Cool. So you guys are like best friends?”

The interest in Nicholas felt off, but the hand holding his felt warm and reassuring. Alex chose his words carefully, certain the angel would keep the pair in sight and in earshot. “Not really best mates. My father is friends with Nicholas’ family. Since we both didn’t know anyone else when we came to school here, my dad suggested – strongly suggested – we live together. He’s cool as a roommate; keeps his mess to a minimum, doesn’t stress over mine, usually leaves me alone when I need the space.”

“Okay. Sounds good.” Austin shrugged and his face scrunched up for a second. “I got the feeling he didn’t like me.”

“Nicholas?” Alex tried not to be obvious as he scanned the area for any sign of his guardian. Given their conversation before Austin arrived, Alex could understand the comment. “Nah, he’s not like that. Just give him some time to get to know you. He’ll warm up.”

At the edge of his thoughts, Alex swore he heard Nicholas say, “Highly unlikely.”

“I’m not sure time will help.” Austin let out a humorless laugh. “It felt like he was trying to stare into my soul.”

If they hadn’t been holding hands, Alex might have stopped. Nicholas probably had tried to exactly that. For Austin to notice nearly took his breath away.  “Um…like I said, he can be kinda intense at times. Not to change the subject, but I didn’t really want to talk about my roommate…I mean…there’s nothing wrong with him, but I dunno know, it’s….”

He wanted to say, ‘it’s not the right topic for a first date,’ but he didn’t know how Austin would react. Then again, they were holding hands walking across campus. If this wasn’t a date, he had no idea what would be considered one.

“Not what we should be talking about on our first date is it?” Austin squeezed his hand. Alex smiled and turned toward his ‘date.’

“Yeah…I mean, no, I’d rather not talk about him on…on our date.” For a moment, Alex thought Austin might lean in for a kiss, but they were still walking and it would have been awkward, especially if Alex didn’t stop. Instead, Austin gave him a sheepish grin.

“Good. Same here. I’d rather find out more about you.”

Alex hoped Nicholas hadn’t followed them, but felt sure he had. Fine, so long as he stayed out of sight and didn’t make comments only Alex could hear, he’d live it.

“Yeah?” Alex closed his left eye and raised his right eyebrow. “What did you want to know?


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  1. SLiraErotica says:

    Good that Alex is on a date with Austin. Hoping for some sparks in the next part. Great job

  2. Hey Andy, sorry for the delay. Haven’t had a minute to myself lately and have been trying to clear my inbox on here..hence why I’m posting today. Glad things are moving along for Alex and Austin, but Nicholas does make me laugh even though I want to throttle him sometimes 🙂

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