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Jan 21, 2014

I’m Officially A Grumpy Old Man

Once, when I too was a little q, I used to love my snow days; longed for them, prayed for them, maybe even did a few snow dances in hope some pagan deity might have pity on me and induce a foot or more of snow that would shut down the world for a day or two.

Even as I got older, it was nice to get those snow days. Who wouldn’t want a day off? Hell I lived in an apartment, I didn’t have to shovel the snow.

But now, well let’s just say I’m fed up with the ‘snow’ days around here.  So far they opened late of less than an inch.  Closed before Christmas for a big storm that turned out to me nothing more than rain.

Work was open when it looked like this:

IMG_0411-1 copy 2


And during an ice storm. This is the view from my back door today:

IMG_0437-1 copy


Today, given the severe condition you see above, they closed the government – and daycare. In theory we’re supposed to get snow today – maybe 5 inches – maybe. It’s just amazing that they close the government on the presumption it will snow, but keep it open when there is ice and snow.

So why am I being such curmudgeon? I had the day off anyway so while the office gets a free day – those of us who had scheduled leave still have to use their day off.  :-/

Ah well, at least me and ‘lil q can hang out some more.




  1. marlew92 says:

    A few inches ppfftt try trying to wade thigh deep in the stuff, I adore snow. My dog and cats do too which might seem strange, but they are Norwegian Forest Cats and the dog is a dufus, so they are good with it. All I have is wet right now everday just a lot more wet, getting sick of that too.

    • I agree mate – this didn’t require the snow boots for me, just a pair of hiking shoes – so it barely counts, but it was her first so we had fun. It’s the first real snow in 3 years – at least that is what the paper said. 🙂

  2. skylar1776 says:

    Andy, Love that you got a day off but I so hear you on the bummer when you make the decision to take a day off and then everyone is off and you’ve ‘wasted’ a vacation day. I hate when they cry wolf and freak everyone out that the sky is falling. I say, yes, be warned that the weather could turn and just shut down the office if it begins to get bad. However, you got time with lil ‘q so it’s a win. Dinner looked great.

    • Sky, the problem is they go from chicken little – the day we got nothing – to refusing to see what’s going on – the day after the night time ice storm when we were open. This time they got it right. It would have been a right bloody mess if they had everyone come to to work then leave around noon. So I’ll take the hit and say I was grumpy for naught. And yes, it was perfect to have taken her out and seeing her expressions playing in the snow. 🙂

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