01/12/2014 In My Writing
Jan 12, 2014

‘Guesting’ and blog tours.

So I’m finally digging out from the avalanche that was my holiday. One of the things I’ve developed as a result of this year is yet more new found respect for my parents. It looked so easy to do lights, shop, cooked, a tree – not to mention my dad used to set up a Lionel Train set every holiday for us. But holy moly, trying to do most of those – and travel – really took the wind out of me.

But I’ve had some time to recover and I’m regrouping for 2014. So with that, I’m looking to start booking guest posts and blog tours for the coming months.  I’m open to all types of posts – be they promos for new releases, interviews, giveaways and/or just stopping by to say hello and keep your name out there.

Anyone who is interested, shoot me an email – andrewqgordon@gmail.com.



  1. Posy says:

    I hear you about digging out. We all got sick at our house on top of the holidays and travel so out house became a dump. I’ve been cleaning all day, and all I really want to do is write and sleep.

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