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Dec 24, 2013

Holiday Blog Event: Becky Condit – Christmas Pajama’s

Christmas Pajamas

When my children were small we fell into rather than decided on certain traditions. On Christmas Eve the children were each allowed to open one gift when we got home from Christmas Eve church services. I pretended to make a difficult choice, then handed each of them the one package they were allowed to open. Somehow they never caught on that it was always the one from their Granny and it always contained some really cool pajamas or a princess-worthy nightgown, which they were allowed to put on right away. My thirty-something daughters still talk about the year they received harem-style pajamas. Bicycles and dolls have been forgotten over the years but those pajamas linger as one of their all-time favorite Christmas memories. Sleepy heads snuggled in while Daddy read The Night Before Christmas, and then off to bed. The result was they always looked nice in the pictures taken the next morning as they opened Santa’s and other gifts. Cute kid pictures on Christmas morning: mission accomplished! This is a tradition that has been retained in our family as my grandchildren now open one gift on Christmas Eve, and it’s always from me and it’s always some really special pajamas or nightgown. They haven’t caught on to the trick yet either, but boy, do they look cute in their Christmas morning pictures.

A favorite Christmas song in our family has always been O Come Little Children.

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