May 01, 2013

Wednesday Briefs: Second Shot – The Senior Year – 7

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Walking down the hallway to his room, Blake hadn’t remembered when he’d felt this…giddy? That seemed like such a girl word, but it fit, so that’s what he went with. Ethan looked equally happy, his face split by a huge grin.

“Bathroom.” Blake pointed to the door on the left. “Don’t think there will be a problem this weekend, but some days if you get in right after the rush before class, the water is barely warm.”

“What if you get in after two hot guys spend an hour having shower sex?”  Ethan grabbed Blake’s hand, gave it a squeeze and let go.

The message in the contact only added to Blake’s good mood.  He was glad Ethan made it as well.  “Um…well…I don’t know if that question has ever been tested.”

“Maybe we should find out?” Ethan closed one eyelid and raised the eyebrow above the other suggestively.

Blake laughed at the forced attempt at sultry. “Not to burst your bubble, but even if we spent an hour in the shower, aside from being all pruney and wrinkled, who’s gonna take the next shower to find out?”

They reached his room and he opened the unlocked door. “This is it. Don’t be fooled, it looks and smells a lot worse when we’re both living here.”

Ethan dropped his bag and slipped his free hand around Blake’s waist. “No worries.  It’s actually better than our dorms.”

Blake wanted to say he planned to move out next year, but Ethan inched closer and kissed him. Barely more than a touch of their lips, Ethan rested his forehead against Blake’s.

“I’ve been waiting a week to kiss you,” he whispered.

He caught Blake’s upper lips between his and gently licked left to right.  Blake pulled Ethan tighter and kissed back. Soon their tongues met and Blake could feel himself straining against his cargoes. What pressed back, told him Ethan was equally aroused.

When they paused to catch their breath, Blake pulled back. He’d been waiting all week for Ethan too, but he wanted something more right now.

“You kiss better than I remember,” Ethan said, moving back for more.

Blake gave him a brief kiss, but stopped it before it could go further.  He took Ethan’s bag and put it by the foot of his bed. Patting the bed as he sat down, Blake motioned for Ethan to join him.

“Now that’s too good an invitation to pass up.”  Ethan sat next to Blake then laid back.  “Especially since my legs are so sore from work.  Are you any good at giving a massage.”

After grabbing the pillows, Blake tucked one under Ethan’s head and leaned back into the other. “No idea. I’ve never had a chance to give one before, but I’m willing to try.”

Laughing, Ethan inched closer and turned on his side. “That’s one way to ask me to get naked.”

“Actually, I wasn’t, at least not yet.” He reached over and ran his hand gently through Ethan’s short brown hair. “I was hoping we’d do something tonight.”

Wiggling his eyebrows, Ethan covered Blake’s hand with his. “Getting naked would be doing something.

He knew he should have laughed or agreed or something, but Blake struggled to find the right answer. Sure he wanted to do that, but was that all Ethan planned to do? Couldn’t they do something more…more date like? Maybe that was the problem; Ethan didn’t think of the weekend as anything more than a chance to get laid.

But was it ever meant to be more than that? They’d never talked about what they were, if anything at all.  Ethan probably didn’t want anything more than a bit of fun. They wouldn’t be able to see each other much anyway once school started.

“Hey?” Ethan placed his hand on Blake’s face. “What happened to you? One minute we’re talking about you getting me naked and the next you go all quiet.”

“It’s nothing.”  Blake shrugged. “I…it’s not that I don’t want to get naked, but can’t we go out and hang out a bit first? I mean last time… you know. We really didn’t get to do much outside of Jason’s guest room.”

Ethan’s face became unreadable and Blake feared he’d said the wrong thing. Just as he was going to apologize Ethan nodded his head and inched closer.

“I’m good with that.” Ethan’s smile helped Blake relax.  “Did you have something in mind?”

“Kinda.” At first he resisted the urge to kiss Ethan, but then he gave in. The quick kiss might have turned into more, but Blake held back. He had every intention of doing more, after he took Ethan out. “I made reservations for dinner. It’s nothing fancy, but I figured we could…you know…make it a date?”

“Blake.” Ethan looked serious as he grabbed Blake’s hand and squeezed it. “Aren’t you worried about us being seen? I mean, yeah there aren’t too many people back, but your whole team is here.”

“I know, but I also know that I want to be free to go out on a date. There’ll never be a good time, but with Jase and Darryl as captains, at least if I come out this year, they’ll have my back until the dust settles.”

“So you’re doing this for me?”

“No…I mean yes…no… sorta.  Ugh!” Blake took a deep breath and closed his eyes.  When he felt a bit calmer he opened them to find Ethan still staring at him.  “Okay, let me try that again. No, I’m not doing this for you, but you’re the reason I’m doing it now. I know we didn’t talk about what we’re doing and I’m not saying we need to, but I want to enjoy your visit. In and out of my room.”

Ethan’s lips slowly turned up and soon his whole face joined in. “I’d really like that, but are you sure? I mean this is a big step.”

“Yeah I know it is, but I’ve talked to Jason and Pete and, well, you know, it’ll never be easy. So yeah, I’m sure.”

This time when Ethan kissed him, it felt calmer, less sexual. It didn’t last long as Ethan popped up and sat facing Blake.  The silly grin told Blake he’d made the right choice.

“So where are you taking me to eat.”

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  1. Cia says:

    That was soooo damn sweet! Seriously, what guy wouldn’t want to hear, I want to be out with you no matter what, because I value and care about you that much. It’s not about Blake doing for any reason other than he cares. I love that!

    • Thanks Cia, I confess I’m jumping around so much lately I don’t get to read as much as I’d like so when I get comments I realize how BAD I am at getting to appreciate other authors like I should. Thanks for stickiing with me.


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