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May 28, 2013

Review: Plan B: By SJD Peterson

PlanB_comp3I probably haven’t said this before, but I only review books I like. Not all the books I like, just some and only when I get the time to write them up. I probably have at least a half dozen books I want to review, so this is a good place to start.

I bought this book because I saw a good review of it and it was a top seller. [The cover is kinda hot too] It did not disappoint. For me, a character driven story is so important. I most enjoy stories where the author has breathed life into their characters, where the characters leap off the page and I feel like I’m reading about the real adventures of a real person. Peterson’s book does this.

Danny is a wonderful character. Flamboyant, out, wears make up and female clothing, yet unashamed of who and what he is. If it sounds a bit over the top – it is, yet isn’t. It’s what makes Danny who he is and the story so worth reading. Peterson starts the book with a statement – “For everyone who is deemed different. Don’t try to fit in, be you. STAND OUT!” That sums up Danny.

Lance is the MC love interest. He is the ‘I’m not gay’ jock who likes Danny.  There is an element of ‘gay for you’, but if you read the book you’ll see this isn’t the typical GFY. I’d say more but I’d ruin things. Suffice it to say that Lance’s issues are realistic and believable.

The last piece of the puzzle is Bo – Bogart Humphrey – [as an aside – how awesome is that name? Can’t you just see some stupid parent’s doing that to their kid?  Kinda like I once met a woman named Virginia Hamm – but the she married Mr. Hamm so she’s only got herself to blame.]  Bo is the straight best friend. There is nothing romantic between these two, no hint of – if only you were gay, we’d so get it on.  Bo is Danny’s best friend, period. They understand each other and have each other’s back. But Danny is as much if not more Bo’s protector as Bo is to Danny. It’s refreshing to see the gay MC be well adjusted and confident and helping his straight best friend get through things. Not that Bo is a basket case, but Danny is a clearly the more social and confident of the two.

If you read for enjoyment like me and like books with good character development, believable situations, realistic tension and good writing, add this to your buy list. One of the really great things about the book is it doesn’t resort to the Danny gets bashed for being himself as a plot devise. The book is about an out and proud young man and the struggles he has dealing with someone he likes. It’s fresh, different, engaging and really a fun read. I think that says it all.


  1. Jo Ann says:

    Thanks for this review Andy. Looks like a keeper. I will definitely check it out:)

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