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Jan 25, 2013

The Last Grand Master – Update.

The release date is a week away and while I will try my best not to bombard folks with ‘announcements’ and ‘updates’ this is my blog so I think I can be excused for using it to write a bit about it for anyone who is reading.

The Last Grand Master Cover

Release Date: February 1, 2013


Not to cause a stampede or anything, but the first 20 people who buy a paperback version will get a signed copy.  Sadly, I don’t personally sign your book saying, “To my friend . . . .” I signed twenty pages that will be inserted into the first twenty paperback copies sold from the publisher’s website. And, if that wasn’t enough, if you pre-order before Sunday at midnight, you get 20% off.

Starting Monday, I’m doing the “Worldbuilding Blogfest” It will be about Nendor, the world of The Last Grand Master. For those interested in knowing more before reading, or who read it and then want to know a bit more, stop by each day next week as I post something new as part of the lead up to the Feb. 1 release date.

Lastly, for those who read the book, it would be appreciated if you would leave a review either on Amazon, Goodreads, Barnes & Noble, your blog, my blog, wherever.  I’d make a smart quip about good vs bad reviews, but those always get taken out of context and no one really needs to be told what kind an author prefers.



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