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Oct 06, 2012

Updates and Ramblings

It’s been a bit since my lost post – having a baby turn one can tie up your time like no one’s business.  And it’s been even longer since an update on what’s next writing wise.  So here we go –

First a few more shameless plugs:

My co-author on (Un)Masked – Anyta Sunday – just self published her latest book – The F Word. This is the fourth installment of her ‘Friends To Enemies’ series.  Personally I think she is fantastically talented and her books always deliver, so it’s worth every bit of the $2.99 it costs.

Alicia Nordwell just had her first book – Pricolici – published.  It’s a fantasy/paranormal story, but Cia’s take on things is always a bit different from the norm.  I think you’ll like it, and at $2.99, it’s a steal.

K.C. Grim – another friend, just had his second book published.  Mr. Anonymous. K.C.’s writing tends toward the more erotic and this did earn the highest degree of ‘heat’ from his publisher – [their rating says –  Adult themes including explicit, detailed sexual interactions and intercourse] but if that’s you’re thing, I think you’ll enjoy this.  And if you buy it from the publisher’s – link provided – it’s on sale right now, so hustle over.

Whew so that’s enough unsolicited plugs for friends.  On to me and mine.

Purpose was moved from free content on Gay Authors to their restricted, subscription membership required, premium content section. I did this because I’m planning to publish it. I’ll submit it to Dreamspinner first to see if they are interested.  If not I’ll either try elsewhere or self publish it.  Either way, I expect it will be out by spring.

Archangel is progressing nicely – well nicely from my perspective. I’m about 12K into it. Those who’ve read the short story won’t recognize a whole lot. The story needed a bit more heft to make the leap from short story to novel. The premise will remain the same, but the story will change and the cast of characters will also be altered quite a bit.

I’m going to do something different – well several things different – in this story. First there will be two perspective – first time I’ve ever done a story from more than one perspective. The other thing that will break from the mold, is that one of the main characters will be straight.  Shocker I know, but ‘those’ people exist and are underrepresented in M/M fiction. 😛

I don’t have an eta on Archangel, writing is whenever I can and I haven’t started the editing with Dreamspinner on Chosen yet so that is bound to take away writing time. But I have the bug so it’s going to get done.

That’s all, don’t forget to check out the books by Anyta, Alicia and K.C.


  1. Cia says:

    Thanks for the promo Andy!

  2. Anyta says:

    🙂 So many exciting things to look forward to. A published Purpose . . . an entirely new Archangel . . . (in 2 perspectives too!!!)


    Thanks for the plug as well. 😉

    • We’ll see if Purpose get’s published, but that’s the goal. Same with Archangel. We’ll see how it works out when I’m done with it I suppose.

      As for the book – you’re better than I said in the post, but there but so many accolades I could use in one paragraph. 😛

  3. Dave K says:

    Interesting update on your plans for “Purpose”! You know my thoughts concerning that interesting story!

    I also look forward to what you plan for “Archangel”.

    As for the plugs, “what are friends for?”

  4. K.C. says:

    Thanks for the plug and to be include with such wonderful writers as Anyta and Cia is thrilling. I better watch my footing or I might fall off cloud 9. Purpose has always been one of my favorite stories of yours so I’m sure the public is going to love it. Hopefully, it will also be in print one day so I can get an autographed copy too!

    • KC, Cloud 9? Please. Now if you got mentioned ON Anyta’s or Cia’s website, THAT would be thrilling. 😉 As for signed copies, my pen works for anyone who wants it signed. 😛

  5. joann414 says:

    I love your page, and thanks for all the info on everyone Andy.

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