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Sep 13, 2012

What A Difference A Year Makes

In fifteen days my daughter turns 1 year old. A year ago, I couldn’t wait to meet her and hold her. Now I wonder where that year went. She’s all but walking, she’s animated and vocal, she’s happy and playful, in daycare and about to turn one.

Some milestones this past year – some good, some sad:

My parents celebrated their fiftieth wedding anniversary.

My niece(s) graduated college.

My first book was purchased by a publisher and is now out.

My second book was purchased by the publisher for a release date in early 2013

My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, had surgery, chemo, radiation and is now cancer free.

We lost our dog, the first dog we got when Mike and I bought our first house.

We learned we don’t like derechos – not that we knew what they were until we lived through one.

We’ve watched her lay there, sleep through the night, sit up, roll around, stand up, get teeth, and start to show her personality. [We’re probably in trouble if what we see is a sign of things to come.]

We’ve been stay at home dads for a time, had a nanny and are now beginning the daycare/pre-school experience.

On her birthday, both sets of grandparents will be here to celebrate. The surrogate is coming with her aunt and cousin. It’s the first time the grandparents will meet the surrogate.

It’s hard to imagine another year with this much happening. Like I said, what a difference a year makes.


  1. Cia says:

    I think that our children teach us how to really value our time, simply because they grow so quickly. Congratulations for surviving Baby Q’s first year, and I hope that life continues to be a rich and rewarding experience for you all, no matter what happens!

    • It was definitely one very fast year – I’m sure the rest will feel this fast in hindsight, but I get the feeling this one will feel very different. But I’ll probably say that to all of them, right? 🙂

  2. GR says:

    Andy, congratulations of survivng the first year. They get better, and they get worse. Children are a source of great comfort, but also a source of frustration and worry. My youngest has just started college, and the worry for him and all the others never ends. Enjoy her while you can, make lots of good memories, because eventually all you have left is the good memories (mixed with a few visits). I guess the same applies to parents. They are too soon gone, leaving a void in your heart.

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