09/14/2012 In Real Life and Whatnot
Sep 14, 2012

Things I Learned . . . .

When little kids get sick, they produce an infinite amount snot.

I should not drive when I have my daughter in the car because I still have a potty mouth.

A potty mouth is very hard to stop cold-turkey.

Most people who drive are stupid – but I’m not ‘most people.’ 😉

What looks like a little bit of pink medicine for a baby can leave a huge stain when spit out.

It is never a good idea to take the first half of the day off on Friday.

Migraines ruin even the most beautiful of days.

Political reality is some bizarre dimension where only the candidates and their ‘surrogates’ live, but they seem to be allowed unlimited free passage to our world.

Sports teams are never the same in real life as they are ‘on paper.’

Being nice to people DOES pay you back over time.

And when a baby/child smiles at you, things never seem quite so bad as they did a moment ago.


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