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Sep 06, 2012

Something New

A wise someone suggested I do a bit more posting to let readers get to know me a bit better. The same wise person also pointed out why my new story wasn’t going to get very far as I started it.  Given that he was totally right about the story, I suspect I ought to give him credit for being wise and try my hand at doing more posting.  So I’ll strive to it more often.

Our daughter started daycare today – I’m not sure who that was more traumatic for, her or us. If I say so myself, she looked adorable in her school outfit.  From the comments we got from the staff, I think we might want to reconsider using cute outfits and go with boring basic clothes she can get all messy.  We’re learning, slowly.

Writing wise, I’m sort of in a quandary; too many ideas/projects to work on and not enough time. Some, the urge to get out is greater than others, but all have their own issues.

Chosen of Honorus: is Due out early next year, though I may want to change the name.  It might be too ‘weird’ to attract readers. The sequel – and this is going to a series of at least 4 books, maybe as many as 7 – is written in a very very rough form.  I find rewriting to be almost as hard as writing from scratch.  The problem is, sometimes it is better to blow it up than try to clean it up.  The concept/idea is still good, but the writing isn’t nearly good enough.  I find it hard because I’m constantly fighting the battle of clean up vs blow up.  Often that makes things long and tedious.

Archangel: About a year ago, I wrote a short story for Gay Authors called Archangel. I said at the time I wanted to work on it and suddenly I have a muse – you know who you are – who has inspired me to work on this.  Since the short story is out there, I won’t be giving away too much of the basic plot.  The more detailed plot isn’t available so I won’t give that up. After four chapters, I need to go back and redo most of them. The plot is good—at least I think so—but the opening chapters need a bit more umph.  So I’m working on Chapter 1 again.

AGG: This is the code name for a new book Anyta and I are working on. We are about 5 chapters into it, but I think there is something missing from the plot/story so we put this on the back burner for the time to see if we can’t figure out how to make it better.

Second Shot Sequel:  I started this, but haven’t really gotten very far. I have the basic story out lined, but I trying to get to more projects before getting back to this.  It might actually be the easiest to write if I got to it, I don’t know.  But I’m up and down on this. I love the universe of characters, but I also want to create new ones.

DlgenI’ve done almost nothing with this, but I see this as  5 book story based on the characters of A Cold Rain something else I wrote for the GA Anthologies.  That one would be a major project too. Not sure I can do that, Archangel and Chosen without going crazy.

Okay that’s it for now.


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